Paintings By Terrence Gasca

Paintings By Terrence Gasca

Offers online services
Offers online services


My paintings speaks for themselves. From cityscapes to portraiture, Ive been teaching for over 15 years and I cater my instruction to each individual student's needs and interests. Covering a variety of subjects, from scale and perspective, to form and lighting, to simple sketch booking, I can offer instruction using many different types of media. Whether you're looking to sharpen your current artistic skill set, or ready to try something new, I'm happy to help you navigate along this creative journey. You can find my work at..., and see more of my process through my Instagram page... #terrencegasca.

I get to draw and paint most everyday with the ability to continue learning as I go. I get to meet new people, and clientelle, and help bring their ideas to life. I get to be my own boss and navigate the industry on my terms. And most importantly, I get to pass along my experiences and what I know through teaching and practicing art.


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    Frequently asked questions

    We jump right into it!

    Depending on the stundents needs and interests, be that sketching, color mixing, technique and application, or whatever, we determine your skill level and build upon that. It's a process of starting simple, understanding the basics, practice, and building upon that.

    I graduated from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, in 2002 with a Major in Illustration and a focus in oil painting. I've been working professionally as an artist for almost 20 years, and teaching for over 10 years. Most recently, I began teaching art abroad through Portland State University.

    It's difficult to set a standard across the board as some students are very much beginners and some are not. I don't like to discrepinate as everyone has their own interests and learns at their own pace. In this case we'll be working one on one and covering instruction that's specific to your needs... $50/hour is a good average, but I've charged as much as $75/hour.

    Teaching art has always been something I was interested in and early on I got involved with an art camp for young adults. From there, it went to private instruction for mostly adults and most recently, I got hired by Portland State University to teach art abroad in Spain.

    I have worked with many age groups, most of which have been adults and college age students. I prefer working with this age demographic and would also consider working with high school students who are didicated to their craft. I'm mostly interested in teaching art to those who are interested to learn.

    Go visit the art museum! One of the best ways you can become more informed and more inspired as an artist is to go visit an art museum or gallery. Submerse yourself in art that speaks to you. Become more familiar with artists who do work in your community. Learn about their history and study their process. The more you bring art into your life, the more capable you are of bringing art into other peoples lives.

    Know what it is you're hoping to gain with this instruction, as in, have specifics on what it is you want to learn artisticly. Are you looking to draw people better, maybe you want to focus on proportion, or more specifically portraits? Are there painting techniques you're wanting to learn with watercolor or oils? Where do you start when you paint from life? The more specifics you can give me on what you hope to learn, the less time we'll have to spend on figuring that out.

    Where do you want to take this instruction? Are you hoping to become a working professional, or is this something you're looking at more as a hobbie or interest? Both are valuable but it's important to me that you take it serious. Are you willing to practice and attempt to make progress on your learnings? I'm using this time to teach you one on one the specifics you're wanting to know. I offer a fun and informative form of instruction allowing you to define and expand your own artistic voice.

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