Combat Instructor 507eme RCC Saumur

Combat Instructor 507eme RCC Saumur

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i am securing the process to use a weapon safely . Safety first .

Then , know the weapon and be able to use it safely .

if you want to buy a weappn , to start to use it or it you want me to bring the materials : let me know : i am cery flexible on the scheme you need to be comfortable .

i am not doing this safety , first step to use a weapon for money : only by passion and to share my skills with the safety first in mind.


Hired 4 times
40 years in business
Serves Long Beach , CA

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    Kyeesha B.

    He was very patient. Very informative. Made sure my daughter and myself were very comfortable with the firearm and knew how to be safe handling them.
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    February 11, 2021
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    Kyeesha B.

    Christophe was very patient. We had a 2 hour introductory safety course where my 16 year old daughter and I took the time we needed to get comfortable with the firearm. Christophe is very knowledgeable and his background made him immediately approachable.
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    January 15, 2021
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    Shirleyann B.

    Christophe was such a patient instructor for this lady of 71 years of age! I learned so much on the basics of gun safety and looking forward to advanced shooting classes with him.
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    October 02, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    A la carte : if you are a beginner , not confortable with the use of a gun : no rush , no hussle : i will provide the "acclimatisation" needed to be fully secure and confortable . 

    i am pragmatic and practical . we will go step by step , with the top priority : Safety and security.

    if you are not satisfied of the training :immediate  full money back : i dont do this coaching for money : just interested by coaching the skills  and the safety to use a weapon in different situations .

    I have been for decades in military , officiating on several continents  . Multi weapons from small weapons , hand guns , Automatic Rifles , Machine Gun to Tank Battle ( AMX 30 B2 , 507eme RCC , last active regiment of General De Gaulle  Saumur Ecole de Cavalerie France).

    Member of the Conseil de l Europe Inter armies in Europe and Balkans . 

    Military reserve for 25 years as weapons and combat instructor with Opex in differents countries .

    i do not coach for $$ : if a student is not fully satisfied of the training :Immediate  full money back with no discussion for what or why . 

    i start in october 1984 as a combat instructor in Active military , EI escadron 507 eme RCC.

    Trainings provided for several type of "students":

    Military: Active duty soldiers , volontary training for "future soldiers" , Military Police forces of several  differents units , countries and continents . 

    Civilians : people who want to be secure and safe using a gun or a rifle , for autodefense ,self  protection, preparation and bug out situation , preppers ( combat or escape a treat in differents fields ( urban , semi urban , house , forets etc..

    Also someone who want to have a better expertise and accuracy using a gun or multiple weapons .

    First advise : you need to be confortable with your instructor and later on , with your weapon (s) .

    Share with your coach before the first class what you really want to learn and what is the target you would like to reach .

    We will prepare and conduct the best approach together . no time limit , no rush , no hussle

    First question to ask :

    What is my goal?

    protection ? self defense ? recreation ? preping ? secure my movements? futur projection in a dangerous "theather" abroad? wanted to join the "forces"? would like to control the stress?

    what is the level i would like to reach to consider a positive training? confortable level ? level of expertise ?

    Services offered

    Gun Safety