BeFit Tacoma/ Beometry: Fitness, Coaching And Massage Therapy

BeFit Tacoma/ Beometry: Fitness, Coaching And Massage Therapy

Offers online services
Offers online services


We specialize in helping clients kickstart back into fitness and health with systematic fitness programs, nutrition coaching, accountability, and therapy. I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in fitness, martial arts, and kickboxing for the last 12 years. Our team integrates life coaches, yoga instructors, fitness trainers, running coaches and massage therapists to leap over any roadblock to your success. Because of our incredible amount of resources and tools we prefer not to travel to allow you to take advantage of our thoughtfully outfitted facility.

Our facility has a beautiful shower so you can make sure fitness is working with your schedule. We coach clients around the world through video, apps, and calls if you live outside of our radius. We are transitioning from BeFit Tacoma into Beometry: Fitness, Coaching and Massage Therapy to serve you at the highest level.

We love seeing clients identify the road blocks that are stopping them and with the right strategies leap over them quickly. Whether it's doing the right movements, recieving the right therapy or identfiying the key limiting factor in their nutrition having the precise stragegy for success is so exciting for us when we see one small change make the huge difference for our clients.

Recently we worked with a client who was training four days a week to approach her nutrition based on how she FELT after she ate. She realized that though she LOVED food she didn't feel well after eating many of these options and found healthier options so she could not only change the way she felt but still enjoy the taste of many of her favorite foods.

The small shift in thought process yielded her a pant size drop in less than two weeks and she was getting compliments from everyone she knew on the big difference they noticed!


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    To start with us we get on a Fitness Exploration Call to make sure we can help.

    Each client is provided with Manuals for Grocery Shopping guides, Meal Plans, Nutrition Guidelines, our special LSG Results Based Nutrition Video and Tracking System.

    We want to ensure they are not only training smart but eating to maximize their results. 

    Next, we focus on mindset to make sure they can maintain their results for the rest of their lives. 

    With over 17 years of experience in fitness training, martial arts, massage therapy and movement work.

    I have studied with surgeons, low back specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, strength coaches, osteopaths and other valuable resources that can assist our education of the human body.

    We use a very specific 3 part system to generate our client results. 

    Our programs are based on what the client will need.

    We will have to ask some questions to see if we can help.

    My interest in shaping myself to be the best version of myself and trying to piece all of the necessary components of what that looked like lead me to my teaching journey. 

    The first victory in my physical transformation was losing the weight around my stomach that kept me hiding under my sweater on warm sunny days. Once I lost that weight I was a victim of bullying and decided to pursue martial arts and strength training to build my confidence in myself so I could fully enjoy the world and not be afraid of it.

    I wanted to share that with others because it set me free and gave me access to a whole new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for life that was previously missing in my daily life. 

    We have worked with mom's who are preparing to have another child, brides, and grooms preparing for weddings. Chronic pain clients trying to find their way back into an exercise program without getting reinjured or having to start and stop. Busy individuals who work too much and haven't taken time for themselves in years. From special forces military and athletes to someone who has been in Physical therapy for the last 15 years if you have a desire to change your health situation, we have a system that will work for you.

    A new client of ours who had 3-foot surgeries on her left leg and has been in Physical Therapy for 15 years had recently gone through a separation and despite her physical pain needed to be there energetically and in her best health for herself and her children. She contacted us for assistance and we worked on her foot, not only did she not have any foot pain after but she could squat deeply for the first time in her life after working with personal trainers and physical therapists for years. She is now enjoying her first week of pain-free exercise and loving it!

    Is the biggest thing you're missing a strategy or a support system?

    We talk about this often on our Discovery Call Process.

    A strategy is technical and support is structure.

    Combine the two and you have a win-win situation for any goal. Failing to identify which one is missing will create an investment with no yield. 

    Make sure you understand what's missing before investing in a program. 

    What is going to be the time that I can consistently work out?

    If I really look at my nutrition right now and be honest with myself is it a lack of knowledge, preparation or excuses that lead me to not have the body that I want?

    When I'm deciding how much to invest in a program for my health am I picking a number that I'm uncomfortable with? Having too much comfort is the reason why most of us don't see results. The comfort allows us to not follow our instructors guidance on extra workouts to do, the healthy nutrition habits sleep schedule we need to adjust and all the other poor lifestyle habits that aren't working for our new vision of ourselves.

    We want to pick a program that is going to work long term because fitness and health are long term but we don't want to pick something that isn't going to require us to have skin in the game because change is difficult and easy and comfortable cannot come along. 

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