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Phoenix Life Coaching Instructors

  • Live Evolution Coaching

    Live Evolution Coaching

    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    5.0 (9)

    I first tried gaining success i.e. happiness & prosperity through physical mastery as a professional ballet dancer. Then mental mastery as an international business consultant. It wasn't until I discovered spiritual mastery that I gained the lasting and ever increasing success I was looking for.   Now I share this simpler path with my clients and watch them create and experience their dreams with a sense of peace, joy, and certainty that they never before thought was possible.   I do this by teaching my clients that everything in the Universe is energy and all energy runs in wave
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    Best of 2018
  • Catherine Marie Consulting/Coaching

    Catherine Marie Consulting/Coaching

    Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    5.0 (4)

    My passion is to support others through the process of change in a non-judgmental and safe environment. This core coaching assists an individual to live from their authentic self. This re-balancing brings together the gap of who you are being and who you want to be to express your innate gifts and abilities and live the life you really want and love. After one session, a client described it as going to talk therapy for 10 years without all the trauma, she was able to release her fear of letting someone get close to her and trust. My coaching experience began as a teen, coaching adults
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  • Glowing Soul Yoga & Wellness

    Glowing Soul Yoga & Wellness

    Tempe, AZ 85282

    5.0 (3)

    I take the entire mind, body and spirit into consideration when helping clients reach their full potential.  I help individuals lead a more balance life whether it be through nutrition, meditation, yoga or counseling. I believe that everything is connected and everyone can be on their way to healing and have a more fulfilled and joyful life. 

    Best of 2018
  • Sue Wieger Golf

    Sue Wieger Golf

    Scottsdale, AZ 85258

    5.0 (2)

    I am a LPGA Teacher of the Year and #1 International Best Selling Author. I teach all levels and abilities and enjoy helping people find their own authentic greatness. I have been teaching for over 25 years  My biography is listed below Sue Wieger, M.Ed., is a #1 Best Selling International Author, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Coach. Sue is a 23 year LPGA Class "A" Golf Professional and owns Wieger Consulting, LLC.  Sue travels the world empowering individuals, corporations and groups helping them create and build a mindset of success both in golf and life. Her internatio
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  • Iron Belle Fitness, L.L.C.

    Iron Belle Fitness, L.L.C.

    Phoenix, AZ 85048

    5.0 (1)

    We come to you. Providing in-home personal training and health coaching.

  • Ernie’s Elite Team

    Ernie’s Elite Team

    Mesa, AZ 85203

    5.0 (1)

    I have been training men and women for over 20 years and have been fortunate and blessed to have helped many reach their fitness goals. Many have been through my total transformation program and changed their ther lives after losing 20 pounds or more!  I also have been very successful getting clients to compete in figure, bikini, physique and classic physique. I have many IFBB Pros.

  • Penny Pulz - Focus Expert

    Penny Pulz - Focus Expert

    Sun City, AZ 85351

    Hi, Penny Pulz here. A former Aussie who dreamed of coming to America and playing on the LPGA tour. Did that. Ranked top 10 Golfer in the world, 2 LPGA wins, 2 Top 50 golf teacher awards. Certified Recovery and Addiction Coach.  Life after golf seemed boring and was a serious challenge for me to adjust too. After several years I developed a mind-body program that combined focus techniques using NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, Open Focus systems to optimize mindset performance plus mindful bodywork to create motivation to manage your personal and or athletic goals. It is an honor
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  • Youfit Personal Training , Fitness

    Youfit Personal Training , Fitness

    Phoenix, AZ 85016

    You Fit loves to see our members stive toward there fitness goals with getting set up on personal training programs. Each program includes a full nutrition plan, cardio plan and weight training program. Our trainers are top notch and have a passion for helping our members out 

  • Studio Verve

    Studio Verve

    Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Studio Verve Pilates is a boutique studio offering mat and reformer pilates, TRX and nutritional programs in Phoenix, Arizona. We are pretty serious about delivering a verve experience for our clients.  We stand for nothing less.Pilates is a total body workout with low impact + high results.Focused on strengthening the core + elongating musculature to develop a toned, svelte physique.Spring resistance + various props use tension to strengthen + align.Find healing through the movement + a body that is strong, lean + defined.
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  • Life By John - Career & Life Coaching In Scottsdale, AZ

    Life By John - Career & Life Coaching In Scottsdale, AZ

    Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    A native of Arizona and a coach for over six years, my job everyday is to help clients with their deepest and most important needs in life – career, personal, or otherwise. My coaching style is logical and pragmatic, and I pride myself in being a genuine, authentic, and down-to-earth coach. I won’t tell you to “just be positive” or try to sell you on a five-step plan for a happier life that only I know about. What I will do is help you find a solution to whatever problem you are facing, simple as that. Most of my free time is spent with my spouse Sheila, our two cats Ki
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  • Chris Harper, Recovery Life Coach

    Chris Harper, Recovery Life Coach

    Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    I am a Recovery Life Coach supporting primarily families of the addicted. Recovery Life Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship helping those who are in (or considering) recovery from addiction, as well as anyone who loves an alcoholic or addict...... to reach positive outcomes within their relationships, careers and personal growth.  

    Best of 2018
  • Aldama Life Coaching

    Aldama Life Coaching

    Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Whether it's improving your relationships, career, or any other area of your life; together we'll clarify your focus, fire-up your motivation and build your action-plan to reach your goal.Here is the simple process we use to reach your goal. • Clarify exactly what you want. • Zero in on your true motivations. • Identify the actions and resources needed. • Take consistent action with ongoing support to stay on track.The complete 7 Step Goal Achievement Process is explained in my book, The Success Habit Secret: A 21 Day Success Program. Endorsed by self-de
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    Best of 2018
  • DiscoverHer Life Coaching, LLC

    DiscoverHer Life Coaching, LLC

    Phoenix, AZ 85019

    DiscoverHer Life Coaching is leading a mission to bridge the gaps between generations and leading people into action. A. Margot Brisky, CEO, has a personal mission to raise the consciousness of the world and remind people of who they really are. She does well to call others to a higher standard by demonstrate in her own life what it looks like to take authority and action in her life. We believe that we have in us what we need to live empowered lives. It is up to each person to choose to embrace our adverse childhood or life experiences in order to become the individuals we have been designed
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  • Synchronicity Yoga

    Synchronicity Yoga

    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

    Kevin Wathey comes from an extensive athletic background having played Ice Hockey the majority of his life. After graduating from High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, he took his talents to Florida to continue his athletic career. Returning home after 2 seasons on the east coast, Kevin enrolled in college at Arizona State University and graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Theater. During his time at ASU he gained strong foundations in Anatomy, Physiology, Breath and Movement. While yoga played a role in his life, it wasn’t until his acting endeavors took him to Bali, Indonesia t
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  • The Akard Fitness Studio

    The Akard Fitness Studio

    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    This year Chris Akard celebrates his 30th anniversary as a fitness professional. His commitment to health and fitness has literally influenced the health of generations. The many individuals and family’s Chris has worked with has brought fitness beyond a goal within-reach, to a lifetime of balance, and the healthful perspective for longevity and a high quality of life. His body of work has benefited both young and old.  His program, Fit Jam with Chris Akard, promoted health and positive self image for children in local valley schools, as well as a national series which was broadcas
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  • Green Mantis Kung Fu

    Green Mantis Kung Fu

    Mesa, AZ 85201

    Green Mantis Kung Fu is a Traditional School, Bookstore, Clinic and Research Center.  Sifu Martin D. Werner L.Ac. has been studying internal arts for over 40 years.  He has been teaching since 1984 when he was given formal permission from his instructor.  Martin has studied many lineages of any system he teaches openly.  This is to gain a complete understanding of the art.  Having studied with over 20 Chinese masters and in over 40 styles both in the United States and in China, he continues to train because he is dedicated to learning all there
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  • Funke Yoga

    Funke Yoga

    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

     We focus on an inclusive environment, that is non-competitive, and at least half of our classes are devoted to gentle practice  



    Tempe, AZ 85282

    I am Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, NSCA member, and I have over 10 years of personal training experience. I primarily do 1 on 1 training and small group training, which is very effective because I work directly with my clients so I am always there to correct technique and to help push them through an exercise when necessary. As a certified trainer, I want to ensure everyone has a chance to learn how to properly work out and get the best results possible in the safest and most effective way. 
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  • Emily Socha Coaching

    Emily Socha Coaching

    Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    Hi! My name is Emily Socha and I am a Heal(thy) Self Coach for ambitious women across the country.   My soul’s mission is to ignite potential in creative/ambitious women so that you can find your truest passions and unapologetically live a life of purpose.   My unique brilliance combines years of experience as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and yoga instructor with the background of a degree in psychology and ultimately the love, compassion, and habit changing belief system of a health and life coach.   I believe that our bodies and our minds are
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  • Dave Anthony - Unifier Of Body, Mind And Breath

    Dave Anthony - Unifier Of Body, Mind And Breath

    Phoenix, AZ 85008

    Passion for the individual.  It not about me, never about me.  The teacher is a guide to assist others in finding out what works for them, in their bodies.  I use serveral modalities to assit my students towards finding BALANCE.  Based off the Ancients understanding that the body has an inate ability to heal itself, in body, mind and spirit.  I work with the subtle energies within the student to relax the body and mind and support this self healing.  It is the pillar of Taoistic study known as the Tao of Self Healing.  As a certified practitioner, I also use
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  • Arizona Hypnosis

    Arizona Hypnosis

    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    I am a board-certified Hypnotherapist I work with clients dealing with weight loss, stress, Anxiety,smokers sports and many more. I am a certified instructor with the NGH I have been teaching classes for 10 yearsTeaching people how to change their lifestyle and having them come in and learning how to do certain things for themselves and take back the power

  • Art Of Healing Phoenix

    Art Of Healing Phoenix

    Phoenix, AZ 85024

    Spirituality is the cornerstone of my life; the experiences of many life times are part of who I am today. This body of knowledge, talent, skills, gifts and abilities are the fabric woven into the tapestry of every session we do together. I walk in this life being a Soul having a human experience. My Soul is the wisdom I draw knowledge from in my daily life. For me meditation is a tool that touch’s my inner being, it allows me to be in touch with Divine Source and listen to higher guidance. This is the path I live each day. My professional education has always been seasoned and shape
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  • Aspire Coaching And Hypnotherapy

    Aspire Coaching And Hypnotherapy

    Mesa, AZ 85202

    I am a Mind, Body, Wellness Practitioner that employs Coaching to discover what it is you are seeking to work on or work through, then using Mindfulness, Reiki, Meditation, Essential Oils,  coupled with Coaching to create lasting change in my clients lives. I opened my practice in 2009 and work with clients with a range of opportunities for change, including Addiction, Recovery, Pain Management, Anxiety and I have walked through a vast array of "Aha moments" with compassion.
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  • TRY Athlete Performance

    TRY Athlete Performance

    Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    Every single person in the world is a unique being, and for that reason, each person should train like one. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Of course, like anything else, you can follow a by-the-book set of guidelines that will work to some extent, but will that give you unique results? Probably not. From your brain to your physical body, from your hormones to your work life and your daily stresses to your injuries, imbalances are created over time, and you have adapted to a lifestyle that is only known by you. F
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  • AS Victors

    AS Victors

    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

    The ASVA’s main purpose is to lead you to a strong, confident and practically pain-free life. We do this through coordinated group events and private personal coaching. You will also gain freedom from the fear, sleepless nights, and prescribed hopelessness that has caused you so much anxiety and stress.