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    Mike F.

    My wife and I used to compete in USTA Open Level Tennis Tournaments (Southern CA Region), so we had left competitive tennis a long time ago (aging), and we missed our sport badly. To fill this void, we decided to try Golf and rekindle a brand new personal challenge. Judging by the horrible results of our first driving range shots, we knew we needed some help BADLY, if we were going to enjoy golf.
    We met Robb Nunn by coincidence, and decided to take some lessons. We were a little scared, but we did this sort of thing in our tennis careers, and we knew we had to do the same in golf. The best thing we ever did was walk into that very first lesson, completely willing to discard all of the old, worthless, useless, knowledge, and problematic techniques that we had been using earlier—we turned our golf lives completely over to Robb, and boy are we thankful that we did.
    Robbs style of teaching was built upon tying every part of the golf swing to how the human body NEEDS to move, while at the same time, removing any unnecessary joint movements and any other injury causing physical movements. In short, the swing is simplified to its fewest parts, and is built upon a stable leg base that NEVER changes—its easy to understand, and believe me, your shots will begin to fly higher and straighter than ever before. I am a COMPLETE doofus, so if it worked for me, it will certainly work for you too!
    My wife and I have some advice, START TODAY... because Robb is caring, helpful, and he is beyond a knowledgeable teacher. He has a GREAT sense of humor and he became a great friend to us. My wife and I will take more lessons as needed, because we know that we are in the best hands possible!
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    February 27, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    I like to get an assessment of what you feel is going on, from there we move into more of the discovery phase of what is taking place and can be improved.

    I am always asking what makes what do what with each student, then going into the discussion of what will be the fastest way to get you striking the ball more solidly and consistently.

    Again, I like to keep things simple.

    PGA of America

    Manufacturer Training for Club Fittings, (Titleist, Mizuno, Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway)

    PTSD and Core Dynamics Certification

    Professionally Competed in 300+ events worldwide on 9 different tours since 1989.  (This in itself is priceless education and training.)

    I have multi-session packages available.

    The following can be disccused if you choose,

    Monthly Membership Packages, Playing Lessons, Full Day Rates are just some of the avenues available to you for any instuction you may desire.

    I also service Corporate outings, Playing aka On Course Lessons, and Groups.

    A friend in High School asked me to help him.  That blossomed into a few other friends and family asking as well. 

    When I turned professional, I began working on junior programs and beginning golfers, over time being allowed, to teach on my own part time after my golf shop hours answering phones, working the starter sheet, inventory, etc.

    Eventually I just automatically gravitated towards it full time.  It seemed to be a very natural fit and I have been teaching mostly full time since about 1987 and have always cherished my decision.

    From raw beginners who have never held a club in their hands to top ranked amateurs, or PGA and LPGA Touring Professionals seeking to hone and fine tune specific skills.

    Ages 3 to 93.  I have had a man bring his son in at 3, saying he was going to be the next Tiger, and a woman of 93 came in to fix her Driver.

    I asked what she was seeking to fix and she said her driver, that she could hit if far enough for her age, but she wasn't hitting it as straight as she wanted to. 

    I guess I had a puzzled look on my face at the time so she said here let me show you and promptly hit a golf ball about 190 yards down the fairway.  I was in amazement when she hit it past the man next to us (he was 65) by the end of her lesson and added 10+ yards... he signed up for lessons also, go figure.

    Most Recently, I have relocated to an area near southeast Michigan.

    in 2016 my mother has passed away, being the caregiver and power of attorney, I had taken time off to finalize family matters and ultimately move on with my life.  Being the caregiver for a family member is no easy task,  I have high regards for anyone who takes on the responsibility.

    Then in May of 2018, 23 months and two days after my mom had passed on, my position as one of the top ten instructors in Southern California was re-established when my team of two students took 9th place and 15th place very respectfully. 

    I had been invited to participate in a Teaching and Coaching Competition for PGA and LPGA Professionals.  We were only supposed to have one student per teacher, but being friends with the organizer, he asked me if I would take two as his student to teacher ratio was too high.  I agreed.

    I was paired with two gentlemen.  Both of my students, one being an older gentleman who was a 26 handicap and, the other a gentleman much younger in his mid - late 40's who had a 19 handicap.

    The younger student shot gross 95 and net 71, the older gentleman shot 102 gross and net 76. both them reported to me that, because of what I taught them, it was the best they had ever played.  I was at the time, and am still happy with that. 

    While we didn't win the event outright, we did take 9th place.  Not bad for the amount of teachers in Southern California.  It just re-established my position as one of the top 10 instructors in Southern California.

    Oh almost forgot to tell you.  One of those students is now a regular client and he drives one hour and ten minutes to see me each week.  He is progressing very fast and for his age, he has no problem hitting it past most in his age bracket.

    Two of my newer students also reported getting a hole in one.  Needless to say, they are estatic.

    One of my old high school coaches and my dad agreed, going to your auto mechanic for heart surgery could prove disastrous.

    Try as you may, you can never place a price tag on great education and instruction.  Never lessen or cheapen your education. 

    If you seek the best, then expect to pay the price they are commanding.  Insulting the professional (no matter what what field of endeavor thay are in) for the expertise they are providing, by asking them to lower their price might not serve very well. 

    IF you do that, you have not only lessened your value of them as a professional, you may have also lessened your own value to them as a client.  Information may come cheap in some areas via friends and family.  The caveat is knowing if the information is accurate to your situation.

    There are many questions to be answered.  Are you being realisitic with your own personal limitations? IF, you want to truly find your own personal Golf Equation, you will at least come see me once.

    I also think that researching as much as you can about the instructor is vital.  Do they have a website with content that you can understand?  How long have they been teaching?  These are all indicators of the type of instructor they are.

    How versatile is the instructor in their repretoire of language delivered to the individual.  Considering the fact that I am dealing with your Mental, Emotional, Physical expectations and needs.  It is imperative for your growth as a golfer, that I have a very strong and professional expertise about the body, it's motions. movements and limitations.

    From Accountant's to Doctor's to Auto Mechanic's, each has their own specialty.  Each has spent their entire lifetime studying it and to the Nth degree.  Respect that the same as you would want them to respect what you charge for your services.

    Are they connecting with you as an individual?

    Are they more concerned of your needs than their own.

    Are you WILLING to let your guard down and be comfortably and confidently guided, at the same time listening to years of experience gained through SUCCESSFUL trial and error?

    How quickly do they want you to be out playing?  How quickly do you want to be out playing better golf? 

    Is your approach realistic?  Are you willing to sacrifice a few rounds of golf in the beginning, in order to reap the benefits of lower scors later on?

    What makes what do what?  (one of my favorite questions of all time (my dads))

    What If?  Have you looked at the entire picture and all the  possibile angles of learning?

    I could write alomst forever on this one subject alone.  The real point here is, to do your own research and be open minded.

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