Find a life coach in Burbank, CA

Find life coaches in Burbank, CA

Find life coaches in Burbank, CA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best life coaches in your area.
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Find life coaches in Burbank, CA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best life coaches in your area.
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Top 10 life coaches in Burbank, CA

Students agree: these Burbank life coaches are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Mikes Body Sculpting

Mikes Body Sculpting

Offers online services
27 hires on Lessons
23+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
Tom H. says, "Mike is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of personal fitness training. If you don't know the proper form or exercise, he will teach you and explain the reasoning behind it. He's also big on safely. Whenever he is training you, he is 100% there for you and does not get easily distracted. He constantly monitors your stance, form and how your body is handling the workload. He truly cares about his clients and it shows. Highly recommend." Read more
Cruz Personal Fitness, Self Defense, Boxing/ Kickboxing And Motivational LifeCoaching Systems

Cruz Personal Fitness, Self Defense, Boxing/ Kickboxing And Motivational LifeCoaching Systems

Offers online services
25 hires on Lessons
39+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
Lance K. says, "Vinny is very patient and a good fit for my daughter." Read more
Operator Fitness, LLC

Operator Fitness, LLC

Offers online services
1 hire on Lessons
14+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
Michelle S. says, "There’s so much! It’s convenient, effective, and keeps me accountable. I’ve had really good success with the workouts and meal plans so far and I’m continuing, even while the gyms are closed. Chris is an awesome trainer!" Read more
Skills Technique Guru

Skills Technique Guru

Offers online services
6 hires on Lessons
18+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
Mona K. says, " He is amazing and very knowledgeable. " Read more
One Life Yoga

One Life Yoga

New on Lessons
Offers online services
7+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
Hi, my name is Reza. I founded One Life Yoga in 2017. I've been practicing yoga for almost 15years. I believe strongly that yoga is for everybody and every body. Whether a beginner or coming back to the mat after time away, I'm ready to meet you where you are with practical one-on-one sessions that give you an opportunity to grow. Some people come to yoga for physical benefits, some for mental, emotional or spiritual reasons. Whatever your reason, wherever you are on your journey I'm here to practice with you and help you meet your goals.


New on Lessons
Offers online services
24+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
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Batiti Lite

Batiti Lite

New on Lessons
Offers online services
5+ years in business
Serves Burbank, CA
We're awesome. Duh. We have climbed the tallest seas and dove into the deepest mountains. we've fought lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) with our bare hands but healthcare is our calling

Your life coaching questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Lessons.

How much does a life coach cost near me?

An average life coach costs $50 to $225 per hour. Prices for monthly life coaching are $400 to $1,400 with 4 to 8 sessions total. Long-term life coaching rates are $1,600 to $6,400 for 3 to 6 months of sessions. A business coach charges $350 to $500+ hourly for executives.

  • A package of 4 sessions per month costs $400 to $700 on average.
  • A package of 8 sessions per month typically costs $800 to $1,400.
  • Weekly or biweekly sessions are most effective when working with a life coach.

What is life coaching?

A life coach is a personal mentor dedicated to guiding you towards your personal and professional aspirations. The coaching process utilizes methods from positive psychology that foster growth and self-understanding, empowering you to achieve your utmost potential.

Are life coaches worth it?

Hiring a life coach is worth it if you seek guidance, accountability, and motivational help to realize your personal or professional dreams. Such one-on-one mentorship aids in leveraging your strengths, defining objectives, and driving big changes.

Creating new habits and making drastic transitions are easier with the support of a life coach.

What is the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

The key distinction between a therapist and a life coach is that therapists have legal prerequisites for practice like a state license and a master's degree. Life coaching remains unregulated with no standardized requirements, and each coach brings their own unique expertise.

Does insurance cover life coaching?

Insurance typically doesn't cover life coaching. However, some coaches provide installment plans, reduced rates for certain situations, or group sessions at a lower price per person.

The exception is that if a life coach is also a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, your health insurance might cover their sessions. Many health plans nationwide provide coverage for emergency mental health services with licensed professionals.

How do I know if a life coach is certified?

To check a life coach's certification, look for credentials such as:

  • Training from the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
  • Academic qualifications in nutrition and health, especially for dietary advice
  • Certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Degrees in psychology, human services, communication, or counseling

Additionally, ask about their training, client feedback, and professional references for added assurance.

How do I find a life coach?

Find the best life coaching service by browsing online coaching directories, asking your friends for referrals, or searching for a life coach near you on Lessons.

Consider these factors:

  • Look for the best life coaches experienced in reaching your specific goals.
  • For executive coaching, seek out those with a master's degree in your field.
  • Ask if they get ongoing education or refresher courses.
  • Request a contract with the payment schedule and terms of service.
  • Be cautious about hiring the cheapest or the most expensive coach because the price isn't the best indicator of the quality of their services.

What questions do I ask before hiring a life coach?

Consider these questions when seeking a life coach:

  • How many years have you spent coaching individuals on life-enhancing skills?
  • What's your primary area of expertise in coaching?
  • Do you provide special rates or payment plans for those with financial difficulties?
  • Can you give references of past clients I could speak with?
  • Are your sessions available online, in-person, or both?
  • How would you assist me if I'm struggling to pinpoint my goals?
  • Are there bundled packages available for extended coaching?
  • Can you share your educational and training background?
  • Do you hold any coaching certifications?
  • What's the typical duration of your coaching sessions?
  • Is it possible to talk after sessions if I have more questions?
  • Do you give assignments, such as reading or maintaining a diary?
  • How will you help me track my growth?
  • Can you give me a copy of your cancellation and refund terms?

Reviews for Burbank life coaches

Recent success stories from people in the Burbank area.
Jamie N.
I've had a phenomenal experience training with Mike. I've been working with Mike for 2 years now. Mike does a great job of explaining and demonstrating the proper technique on each exercies so as the have the maximum positive impact from each movement. He does a great job of motivating me to push past my limits. He's a great trainer for both those just starting their fitness journey and those well on their way. Highly recommend him.
Mikes Body Sculpting
Wilma B.
Vinny was very informative about everything on my sons first session. My husband and I are very pleased with Vinny’s work and what needs to be worked on with my son. My husband himself is considering classes of his own. Thank you so much Vinny!! We recommend him and looking forward to working with him.
Cruz Personal Fitness, Self Defense, Boxing/ Kickboxing and Motivational LifeCoaching Systems
Calisse L.
After corresponding with AJ of Skills Technique Guru I decided to give him a try. Per my request, we met at one of the many parks with public tennis courts, within a three mile radius of my home. I'd been attending a weekly group clinic at a park far from my home. I needed to find a GOOD coach to help me to fine tune every aspect of my game. AJ was prompt. We worked on simple steps for a basic forehand. These steps really made sense to me! I had that "AHA Moment!" I found AJ to be very patient and professional. He also made me laugh, which brought some fun to the lesson, and helped me to relax. I have already booked my next two lessons. Thanks AJ!
Skills technique Guru
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