Marcel Miller

Marcel Miller

Offers online services
Offers online services


I started teaching when I was 15. Yes, it was a hobby business, but the kids and parents loved it. At that time it was only horseback riding.

More serious it became in 2007, when I started it as a professional side business. I tought from young (the youngest kids were 4) to old. My oldest student who I teach the accordion is 83 years old.

I teach and always tought business people, from reagular emplyee to managers and executive in business and marketing as well as German for some of my clients who work and travel overseas.

Teaching and tutoring was always more than just a job, I truly enjoy giving experience to studens and clients and they appreciate how passiante and eager I am. That probablt comes mostly from me really enjoying to work with them.

Feel free to ask me questions! I am looking forward to start with you!


I am luckily in the position that I can work in a job (I own my own businesses) I love. I am also happy that I still have time next to my companies to coach, teach and consult people and some small companies.

Teaching for me is more a hobby than a business, let's call it hobby-business. And I love it! :)


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Most important for me are the students and their goals. It is not about me, it is 100% about them and about what they want to learn and not what I think they should learn.

I give ideas and recommondations, but in the end it is up the them how we work. With kids I talk to the parents and get an idea to what they want their kid to learn or improve.

Music lessons for example. If a student doesn't like a specific kind of music it would be horrible to have him learn it. So we switch to a music style the student likes. A lesson has to be fun in order to bring success!


Business: I worked with big international Companies like German Post Bank, iHerb and more. I work with managers and executives who work globally in German, Marketing and Business. As well as MS Office Applications (Word, Excel etc.) 

Instruments: I started to play when I was 11

Horseback Riding: I started to ride when I was 10, got several Champion Titles in Show Jumping etc.!

Martial Arts: I started when I was 11 and did the European Championship when I was 14. I fought in every Martial Arts I do (Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Kung Fu).

$80 / hour if multiple lessons and if the client is recurring. Normal Rate is $120 / hour.

Travel, depens on where it goes is compansated seperately in some cases.

When I was 15, parents asked me if I can teach their kid in horseback riding. I was a good and successful rider myself. I did it and very fast had 5-7 kids in a lesson. It was not only making great money, but also a lot of fun and I was proud when my kids improved and the parents trusted me.

Every kind you can think of. From 4 year old who I taught in German and Martial Arts to my oldest client who is 83 which I teach the accordion. From kids to managers and executives.

Everyone who really wants to learn. Thats all I expect!

Ask all your questions you might have and make sure you really want to learn. Then just give it a shot and see how you like your teacher and the lessons.

What am I able to do?

What are my goals?

How often per week to I like to take lessons (in general my students and clients take 1-3 single or double lessons a week. Sometimes it is better to take 2 x 1 hour lessons and with music lessons for example it is mostly better to do a double lesson and most of my music students see me 2-3 times a week.

But it is all about the student and their availablity. I try to my it happen on my end and fit it in my schedule.

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