Juliet Vaughan Golf

Juliet Vaughan Golf

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LPGA Member, Class A. National Instructor LPGA Golf Clinics for Women. National Speaker LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Division. Nominated Teacher of the year.

Full time Instructor at The Grand Del Mar Golf Club specializing in on-course player development. Private and group lessons are also available for all ages and skill levels.

I have been teaching golf for 16 years and still get goose bumps when a student hits a great shot for the first time, or helping a great player become outstanding! I love it when the "light bulb" comes on!


24 years in business
Serves San Diego , CA


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Tom O.

Juliet is the best ever. Ive worked with her for many years. T.O.
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February 03, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I listen to their goals and desires, observe their natural tendencies in their movment, take into consideration their past athletic experience, and then communicate a clear action plan.

Understanding "Why" a student does somthing is as important as  "what" the student does. I make sure that they know What, Why, and then the How to make positive changes in their game.

LPGA Class A Teaching Certification

16 Years teaching full time

Studied under Butch Harmon(golf's #1 ranked teacher)

Studied the mental aspects of "playing the game" under Dr. Debbie Crews

1 hr private lesson...$150

2 hr. private range/on cousre...$300

9 hole playing lesson...$300

* range balls and green fees are included.

I started teaching after injuries took me away from playing professionaly.

Adults and children (over 6), Men and Women of from beginners to Tour Professionals.

Communication is the key! Many teachers have good information but lack the skills to deliver the message the way YOU need to hear it.

Insist on experience! There is usually a big difference between a part time teaccher and one who makes his or her living teaching full time.

Take one lesson. Realistically you wil not achieve all of your goals in just one lesson, but you should understand very quickly if this is the "right" teacher for you. Remember, this is about YOUR experience.

Try and be specific with your short term and long term goals, such as "I want to eliminate the slice with my driver" would be a specific short term goal, as oppose to "I want to become more consistant". 

Be honest about how much time you are willing to, or can devote to practice to achieve your goals. There is no wrong answer here...it is what it is.

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