Del Mar Golf Center - Bill Westerlund, PGA Instructor

Del Mar Golf Center - Bill Westerlund, PGA Instructor

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1. MISSION STATEMENT: To help my clients find the "Missing Link" in their golf, by feeling the connection between their internal core strength and their golf swing and game. By engaging my trademarked proprietary core-breathing 4 golf methods, is what defines the "missing link" between your internal core strength and your ball striking force. 2. What exactly is THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf, MIND, BODY, BREATH. Breath produces energy, and energy produces strength, and strength produces force and force produces POWER. Thus our name "THE POWER OF". Understanding how your mind, body and breath influence each other is key to reaching the highest level of performance in golf. Psychology is the starting process to initiate the linking between the mind and body. Breath is a reflection of what you are doing physically and emotionally, Meaning breath supports your emotional/physical reality..When your basic breathing pattern changes, it can make you weaker, neutral, or stronger… MIND: You will learn to clear the mind by removing emotional barriers to your energy flow. BODY: You will learn to maximize the use of your core energy for peak performance. BREATH: You will learn the four-step breathing process for the mind - body connection. 3. Many say golf is “mental in playing”. In this program there is a saying. "Golf is mental when a player cannot be physical but when he/she is physical they are no longer mental". Learning how to make your game physical by making every swing from the ground up and incorporating core strength to structure the swing and based on mind, body and breath techniques. (all techniques by anyone has mind, body and breath incorporated in them no matter what). WHEN A MENTAL THOUGHT CAN PROJECT A BALL THEN "PIGS" WILL LITERALLY FLY, most Pro's and Amateur's are taught by their swing coaches and sports psychologist this approach, that is why they hit so many practice balls. Practice is not a live situation, with consequences. With breath being an emotional state, and having lots of different thoughts, fear, doubt, panic, nervousness, worry, losing, pressure, etc.... It’s not about winning "it is about not loosing". Winning creates excitement and excitement changes your breathing pattern and anytime that changes there is a consequence, meaning missed fairways, greens, and missed putts. 4. The biggest difference between an "Iron Byron swing machine" and a Human is the machine doesn't breathe, but breath for humans is what supports life, without it were dead. Breath has the biggest influence on every task we do throughout your day. A player knows what he wants mentally, but can they create it physically.. I make the transition…Core-Breathing can become your personal stress reliever.. Until you absolutely know how your body works from an internal energy point of view, how can you shape your shots for repeat-ability, the answer is you cannot.. Your endurance goes down as your breath range decreases, this then effects muscle coordination ability, therefore affects your muscle strength in movement, meaning weakness. 5. There are only two ways to develop your swing. The most simple way of thinking is its either intuitively based on feelings created during practice on the course. The other way is to consciously-mindfully build the muscle tension to construct your swing from the ground up. Reality it's matter of degrees, either more intuitive and the other is more mindfully building the appropriate muscle tension for your swing. The difference is intuitive swings development is subject to emotional changes during your game, this effects your repeat-ability. The conscious-mindful pattern to build your swing setup method has less emotional interference to change muscle action, which is why it is repeatable. The more a person mindfully develops their swing will enhance physical muscle sensation and lowers emotional distractions. So it is choice to build swing IF a golfer has techniques center on the core strength and breath for feeling of muscle tension which will lower mental distractions during the development of the swing. You have now read a lot of information on my approach. In my 50 years of being a PGA Golf Professional, and now a PGA Life Member, golf and most sports have been taught by telling you "WHAT" to do, but not "HOW TO MAKE IT PHYSICAL". What is the mental side, Core-Breathing is how to make it physical, by using the least amount of "effort, to create the greatest "effect". This is the “missing link” in learning to “soften” your muscles appropriately. Core-Breathing 4 Golf is the only program in golf today that has effective breathing techniques to deal with the competitive stress throughout your round, is what my business partner Scott Bartley and I have developed over the past eleven years. The “duality” of being a swing coach and an energy coach allows me to internally enhance your learned golf swing for maximum repeat-ability. If you have time peruse my website, listed below and click on the NEWS column and download the following lessons, Lifestyle Lesson, and Lesson 1, Understanding the Link between Breathing and Core Power. I also am published on the same page you have six magazine articles, I would like you to read the April 2013 article, on Core-Philosophy by Ben Hogan. I will teach you "how" to activate the center of "force" in your lower-core, in the male body, then "how" to direct this energy down to both feet to create ground force, what I call D.I.G.F.A. which stands for Dynamic Internal Ground Force Action. and then when and "how" to exhale your breath appropriately. YOUR GOAL IS TO BECOME MORE PHYSICAL, YOU WILL LEARN THE TECHNIQUES AND METHODS REQUIRED. I promise to make it informative, fun and physical. No more mental "gymnastics"....

For most recreational golfers is not fun and enjoyable. Golf is a hard sport to learn and to achieve repeatability. When I can train a golfer often say 6-12 lessons they can understand my approach and by sequential building from the ground up they are able to get better through(Core-Breathing 4 Golf) my trademarked approach. This takes time to learn, to do and to repeat which is when it becomes more fun and enjoyable. 

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  • Jamie Knight

    Bill is an outstanding instructor. Many coaches had told me to fix my posture, but no one, until Bill, showed me specifically how to do it. Same with breathing--I had been told to breathe through the swing, but never how to do it properly. Bill fixed that during my first lesson. If you really want to work at your game and improve, Bill will give you the tools to do it.

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

If a student has played golf I am going to video their swing from face on view and then target line view and then review.

If they are new i will start with the fundamentals of posture, grip, stance width, ball position, etc.

I interact with student and ask what are their goals both short range and long.

Your swing mechanics goal when formulated mindfully should be done by transmitting as much force into the club head going into the ball and with the least amount of effort.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I turned Professional in 1970 so I have been teaching golf for 50 years. Full time - five days a week since 1996.

My approach is based on core-breathing and this is the missing link for all golfers. Golfers are all tight in their shoulders and this program teaches the student to learn how to energize their body with breath and next direct that force-power down to both feet to get grounded and lastly exhaling out your mouth till empty. This process removes shoulder stress-tension-and tightness.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

My hourly rate is $100.00

My half-hour rate is $60.00

I have a series of six 1/2 hour lessons for $300.00

I have a series of six hourly lessons for $540.00.

9 Hole Playing lesson - $100 plus greens [email protected] Santa Fe Executive Course

How did you get started teaching?

This goes back 50 years ago, my brothers and i grew up as caddies. Then became golfers and good players. Our high school team was undefeated for four straight years. I was #1 Player. I have worked at 25 + golf clubs, country clubs and resorts. I have a website called please peruse as it is innovative and interactive.

What types of students have you worked with?

I started teaching other junior golfers and then progressed to adults, top amateurs, and PGA and LPGA Tour Players.

Today I teach mainly beginning to intermediate golfers. Men, women and children.

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

I had a group of twenty golfers for a one-hour clinic and i gave them several appropriate physical test. I tested their shoulders by having them breathe in through the nose and exhale out the mouth. Everyones shoulders elevated up during the inhale and down during the exhale. This is considered breathing for life and doing this while golfing is not the most effective way to breathe or to play golf. I personally am a lower-core/belly breather and my shoulders do not elevate up or down when I breathe.

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

I have two approaches to teaching golf – one is a more traditional way – the other is my core-breathing internal energy approach. I have (4-5) initial physical tests which help me in evaluating the student’s internal energy so that I can be most effective in instructing them. These results determine my path of instruction. This approach teaches a center point for energy activation through a core-developed breathing concept. As energy produces strength, strength then produces force, and force produces your POWER. Which is why I trademarked – The Power of Core-Breathing 4 Golf, mind, body with breath”. I started this approach in 2007 so I have been perfecting my craft for 11 plus years. Those golfers who take multiple lessons finally understand how to get better consistency through core-developed breathing. I have developed the top two website addresses for golf instruction in the USA – and my website content is all about learning the “internal side of golf”.  Students utilize my websites to supplement the content of their golf lesson.

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

I take the basics of golf a step further. The root cause of a directional miss is shoulder stress, tension and tightness. I have the most effective cure for shoulder tension and that is THE POWER OF Core-Breathing 4 Golf. This approach teaches you through lower-core developed breathing to energize your core-hip area and next to get grounded and lastly when and how to exhale your breath for an effortless effect.

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