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Becky is a level three Centered Riding instructor and loves working with students of all ages and abilities, from beginning lessons to the adult rider. She has been involved with horses since age 6. Her extensive show background includes disciplines of English, Western, jumping, and saddle seat. She participated in Pony Club, earned a Training Certificate at Potomac Horse Center in Maryland and had six years of intense, private study with Mary Fenton, Senior Centered Riding instructor. Becky’s studies also include teaching and riding in classical seat dressage and natural horsemanship. Becky is a 3 time World Champion Endurance Rider and a clinician for trail and endurance riders. Vist her website at

I love watching riders learn how to have a partnership with their horse. As their skill grows, the rider gains the confidence to work with the horse as a true partner, and then they can dance with one another.

Teaching riders of all levels is fun and rewarding for me. Respecting and honoring their equine partner, learning how to work with the horse and treat him/her with kindess are the basic tenets that I strive to achieve with my students as I teach them to ride.



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    Becky gave me a solid foundation in horsemanship. Becky works with beginner and advanced riders. As an older, beginner rider, I wanted someone with experience and a world of knowledge. Becky gave me this and so much more! Becky is an excellent teacher and instructor! I highly recommend Becky!
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    September 17, 2020

    Linda M.

    Becky does not just teach one to be a rider. She is a walking encyclopedia of equestrian knowledge that she selflessly shares with her students at every opportunity. Lessons with Becky are the whole package. If one has the desire to learn they will not only become a better rider but your your horse will love you for the knowledge you gain in all aspects of horsemanship. The foundation I received from Becky will always be with me. I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to have been her student.
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    September 04, 2020

    Mandy B.

    Becky is very knowledgeable and patient with her riders!
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    September 02, 2020

    Janelle C.

    Becky teaches to all levels (I’m an adult novice/intermediate rider) and worked with me on my specific goals and alters her explanations of concepts to best fit how I understand things. She is an amazing Centered Riding instructor with countless hours teaching others and also continuing her own education through workshops, etc. She always comes back after working with another instructor with some new element to have her students try. She has been training horses and teaching lessons to so many students over the years it’s quite obvious she knows a lot about the subject and how to teach. Her extensive experience competing and training others in endurance riding was also very helpful to me to better my trail riding and compete in my first endurance ride. I have taken lessons with Becky for about 8 years. I would not have stayed with her so long if she’s wasn’t such a great teacher. I have learned how to be much more supple with my seat, hands, and legs and actions that used to make me sore or hurt in the saddle no longer do as she taught me to recognize and release tension while riding. Highly recommend.
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    August 31, 2020

    Lisa M.

    Becky is an incredibly knowledgeable horse person and riding instructor. I grew up on a farm where I rode until I was 17 but without any formal training or lessons. I didn’t ride for 20 years and then got back into it. I rode with other instructors where I ended up with a lot of bad habits and was not able to connect with the horse or experience the feel I had when I was growing up. After some negative experiences, I stopped riding again while looking for a new instructor.
    My husband had agreed to learn to ride and I wanted him to have an experience built on proper connection and foundations. I reached out to Becky as a centered riding instructor and it has been an incredible experience. My husband after 3 years of once / week lessons is now hooked and wants his own horse and it doesn’t have to be a husband horse – he can actually ride. Becky focuses on teaching feel and connection versus aids although aids are taught. She built my confidence that had been stripped from me and caters her style to what the riders respond to presents the concepts in many different ways so that a rider understands.
    Becky has a background in traditional English styles and natural horsemanship. She blends the two along with teaching centered riding for a unique customized riding experience that is positive for the horse and the rider.
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    August 30, 2020

    Olivia S.

    I was a student of Becky’s for 12 years. Not only was I her student, but over the years I grew to become her friend. She is one of the most passionate and giving equestrians out there. Her knowledge, understanding and love for horses is expressed through her teachings, and from day one she makes her students feel welcome.
    Through centered riding, she helps people who are completely new to the horse world, and even people who have owned horses for years, gain a deeper understanding of the partnership between man and horse.
    Working with horses isn’t always easy! Becky will set her students up for challenges, but in doing so she encourages them to use the techniques they’ve learned to overcome those challenges, and in the process, making them stronger and more confident riders.
    Overall, I am eternally grateful to Becky Hart Horse Pro for all the opportunities and experiences she gave me. I will cherish the memories made with her and her lesson horses for the rest of my life.
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    August 30, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First I like to ask the student if they have any goals in particular for their riding.  Then, we start to work on those goals by learning for four basics of Centered Riding.  As the basics are incorporated into the student's body, we then  work on issues paticular for each student and thier goals. 
    A beginner mioght learn how to ride with a following seat, a more advanced rider might work on how to keep hands quiet, or how to keep an ankle from being too loose. 

    I have had experience in almost all discipline of ridiing, from western to saddle seat to jumping.  I am best known in the field of endurance riding (long distance riding). My educational background includes training at Potomac Horse Center, years of private lessons, workling with top instructors such as Peter and Bonnie Lert, Marty Fenton, Sally Swift and Linda Tellingtopn-Jones.  Centered Ridng instructors must take a 7 day course (split into two sessions) and then are required to update every 2-3 years, depending on one's level. I have spoken at clinics and universities around the world and coached riders at the international level. I was also chef d'equipe for the US Endrance Team.

    I started teaching when I was 20 years old. At that time I had taken lessons msot of my life as well as attending Potomac Horse Center.  I wanted to find a way to earn my living by doing something I loved - working with people and horses. As I delved more into teaching, I discovered Centered Riding, develped by Sally Swift.  Centred Riding is a woinderful way to teach people.  The program shows instructors the different way people learn and how to teach them.  Centered Riding saved my endurance career - I had to re-learn how to ride after beiong diagnosed with a degenerating disk.  The program helped me so much that I wanted to help others learn how to benefit.

    I have worked with all level and types of students.  From ages 5 to 70, and from beginners who have never been close to a horse to advanced dressage riders and international level endurance riders, my experience has encompassed almost every type of rider.  I love working with them all!

    I went up to a remote area of CA to teach about 8 students.  The owner of the ranch, who was the instructor for most of the kids, welcomed me warmly and took a lesson himself! I was great to see such enthsuiasm for riding and learning.

    The first advice I would give is never be intimidated by an instructor. Instructors should be professional and approachable.  Safety for rider and horse should be a top priortity.

    Find out the instructors experience in the area of riding you are looking for and see if theinstructor has attended any type of training program.

    Watch a lesson, if possible. Are the instructions coherent and given in an audible manner.  Do the students seem to be enjoying their lesson?

    The student should think about their immediate and long term riding goals.  Someone who has never ridden might have as a first goal - learn how to ride at walk, trot canter - with a long ter goal of trail or endurance riding. An advanced dressage rider might have a loose ankle and their goal may be to help the ankle be more stable.

    The student also needs to determine how much money and time they can devote to lessons.  A regular schedule works the best, whether it is weekly or monthly.

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