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As a life-long horsewoman, Ginny Plancke-Mealing began riding at age 6 in her native home of Long Island, New York. She readily moved up through the pony ranks to the juniors, and right into professional status while graduating from Long Island University. In her early professional career, she worked for George Morris, world renowned horseman and former Chef d’Equipe of the U.S. Olympic Team. During this time she acquired the skills and knowledge to care for, manage, and train show horses in all disciplines, as well as developing young horses for winning careers.

Ginny’s talent was sought out by Bill Cooney and Frank Madden at Beacon Hill where during her time there, clients won 25 major equitation finals.

Ginny also spent time in Europe with George Lindemann at his European operation and at many of the major European shows. This experience gave her the skills to combine the European warmbloods with the American system of riding and showing.

Using that system in her training, Ginny mastered teaching and coaching skills that allowed her to bring riders from lead line to the major East Coast medal finals.

With my vast years of experience I’ve never had two days the same. Horses are all trained differently and clients all learn differently. The individual attention given to horse and rider and finding out what works is the best part of my day!


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21 years in business
Serves Burbank , CA

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    Carole L.

    I love this barn. Very knowledgeable trainer.
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    April 02, 2019


    Darcy S.

    Outstanding highly personalized training and lessons.
    Excellent care of the horses.
    Trusted experienced trainer and teacher.
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    March 07, 2019


    Margot T.

    Ginny Planke, is a dedicated professional. Her clientele include children, juniors and adults. Her observation to detail is evident in her training lessons, adjusting her instruction to the level of skill and expertise of each rider. Care of the ponies and horses in her barn is excellent. Ginny is concerned for the safety and well being of both horse and rider; she is also expert in paring the two. As testimony to her instruction, many of her students have started out as children and as young adults are still with her. Everwood Stables is well thought of and respected in the show ring should competing be desired.
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    March 07, 2019


    Bianca S.

    Ginny Plancke is the consummate professional. She is first and foremost a Horsewoman and her dedication to the well being of the horses in her care is paramount. She is dedicated to the sport and is top in her field, and this shows in her vast knowledge and her attention to the smallest detail in training. She teaches equitation and jumping from the ground up and makes sure that her students are well versed in the basics before they move on to the next level. As a result they know how to ride well and excel in the ring. I have seen my daughter go from strength to strength under Ginny’s careful and deliberate tutelage. Ginny is more than just a trainer, she is also a mentor, and she imparts many life wisdoms to her students. She sets a high standard and a high bar for her students to reach for and they respect her enormously. They don’t just learn to ride, they learn about horsemanship and being part of a team and and responsibility to themselves and their horse and other people in the barn. Her barn is a collegial and warm place where all ages gather, and it is a nice place to hang out. Everyone is very supportive of each other. And lastly safety takes priority. I highly recommend Everwood stables if you are a beginner, want to ride for leisure or want to compete at the highest levels.
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    March 01, 2019


    Michael S.

    My daughter has trained with them for about 14 years. They are trustworthy, attentive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable about everything equestrian. They instill a deep love and respect for the animal.
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    February 11, 2019


    Melody R.

    Everyhing! The kindness and care for both horses and humans. Really extraordinary! The knowledge about the horses and the intuitive knowing of the students and their needs! It is my sanctuary !!!!! I am happy when I am there! My happy place😍
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    February 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I evaluate their riding abilities in a casual meeting prior to our first lesson. We discussed their goals, both short and long term and how we are able to fulfill their needs.

    Following that, we’ll get onto the horse and put it all in practice.

    I have a bachelor degree in communication and a minor in business from Long Island University in N.Y.

    I started riding at the age of 9 and began my professional career 43 years ago alongside some of the top equestrian coach including George Morris former chef d’equipe of the U.S. Olympic team as well as Joe Fargis, Conrad Homfeld and Peter Leone all Olympic riders for the U.S.

    We offer an introductory package of 3 lessons for $150.00 for new students.

    Following that, our single lesson on our school horse is $100.00, our package of 5 lessons is $475.00 and our package of 10 lessons is $900.00

    If taking lesson on your own horse, single lesson is $85.00, our package of 5 lessons is $400.00 and our 10 lessons package is $750.00

    As part of my career’s evolution, I started teaching independently to subsidize my passion and continue my own training with the best coach’s available which evolved into assistant coach positions at the best facilities and the ability to ride some of the best horses in the country while under the tutelage of the most prominent mentors this sport has produced.

    I’ve trained students from the age of 5 that had never sat on a horse prior, I’ve trained students to National ribbons at 9 years old, I’ve trained teenagers to National ribbons, I’ve trained adults to regional championships, I’ve trained seniors that wanted to complete their bucket list.

    Go to the stable you’re interested in, observe a lesson, if you can follow along, if you enjoy and learn something, then get to the next step and schedule a lesson.

    Otherwise, move to the next barn on your list and repeat the process until you find a trainer that is able to motivate you and teach you from basics to advanced skills to become a confident and proficient rider.

    What riding style do you teach ?

    How many times a week should I or can I ride ?

    What attire and equipment is required ?

    What are the days and times available ?

    What are the costs ?

    Questions about competing.

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