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Ken Helwig is a Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional teaching at Pin High Golf Center. Ken, also known around the course as Coach Ken, is the Founder of Inside Out Golf Academy or IOGA. Since founding IOGA in July of 2012, Ken has given lessons to over 400 different clients with amazing results. A strong reputation as one of the Top Amateur golfers in the Unites States the past twenty years brought many clients to IOGA upon them hearing that Ken was turning professional and teaching the IOGA system that has proven so successful for him over the years - and proven results have kept them coming back for more and sharing their experiences with their fellow golfing buddies.During his tenure as an amateur, Ken was recognized for years locally by the NCGA as one of it "Top Players". Nationally, Ken participated in the 1999 USGA Amateur at Pebble Beach; played in 3 British Amateurs; and 2 USGA Mid-Amateurs while at the same time competing in five California State Amateur Championships held at Pebble Beach.Before starting to play golf at 30 years of age, Ken was a Top Junior College basketball player and weaves his experiences playing "under pressure" on the court into proven IOGA techniques that allows you as a golfer to player "fear-less golf" - and playing "fear-less golf" allows you to make major breakthroughs in your game.Prior to founding IOGA, Ken was a business owner and Sales Executive in Silicon Valley after graduating from USC in Accounting - GO TROJANS!!!Ken lives at and is a member of Silver Creek Valley Country Club where he is the current and 11-time Club Champion. Ken grew up in Saratoga and is a native Northern Californian.My philosophy is to "coach" the student to becoming a better golfer. Throughout this coaching process, I never lose sight of the fact that the game of golf is just a game and that we all play to have fun and to enjoy each other's company - we are all very blessed and fortunate to be able play this great game. Whether you are a weekend warrior trying to lower your handicap, a junior golfer looking to play golf in college, a college player looking to take the next step to playing on the PGA or LPGA tours, a struggling golfer trying to not embarrass yourself in front of your friends and clients, or a beginner looking to simply get the ball off the ground and into the air, my goal is to "coach" you in a unique manner that will ultimately allow you to "coach yourself". A client once told me that he looks forward to our time together not only for the instruction part of the lesson but also for the life lessons that are intertwined within the teachings. Golf is just like life, it is all about the recovery. One of the foundational principles of Inside Out Golf Academy, IOGA, is the that more fun you have the more you will learn and the more you will like this great game of golf.Before embarking on the learning process, I want to know what the students short-term and long-term goals are. We will then put together a plan to accomplish those goals. IOGA's unique coaching approach centers around the theory that if the student "understands" what he/she is doing wrong and the resulting errant shots that occur while at the same time "understanding" what he/she is doing right and thus achieving the desired results, then they will be able to self-diagnose during practice and on the course and make what I call, "battlefield adjustments". IOGA and Coach Ken's goal are to make you, the golfer, self-sufficient and able to make the necessary adjustments based on a, thorough, non-technical understanding of your individual golf swing.IOGA weaves Ken's vast and unique successes on the golf links with his experiences as a top Junior College basketball player, amongst many other sports, in developing a golf teaching school, IOGA, founded on real-game and real-life experiences offering customized personal instructions for beginners to top amateurs players to touring pros. IOGA's foundational principles are built on the premise that nearly everyone already knows how to hit a golf ball it's just learning how to repeat that "swing" over and over again that is the challenge. Using proven IOGA techniques, Coach Ken will coach you on the proven foundational principles that are necessary for you to make a consistent, repeatable, balanced golf swing. Golf is very analogous to life. We have all learned over time and with some guidance how to get through each day of our lives when most of the time our day does not go as we had planned it to go - these are called "life skills". Coach Ken, with the help of the IOGA principles, is going to teach you not only how to hit the next shot like you had envisioned it but he will also teach you how do "save" your round, just like saving your day, when nothing seems to be going as you had planned it to go. It likes this: How many times has your day gone exactly how you planned it to go - be honest, rarely. But you use your "life skills" to make the most out of each day. Similarly, how many times does your round go as you had exactly planned it to go - be honest, rarely. By utilizing the IOGA foundational principles, you will now have the ability to not only save your round but to turn it around, just like you do with each day of your life!!!Ken's unbridled passion, not only for the game of golf but for life as well, creates a unique hands-on environment conducive to a very positive learning experience for the students, thus paving the way for major breakthroughs. During each lesson, Coach Ken will leverage his more than twenty years of competitive experience along with proven swing techniques learned during his own recovery from very significant physical injuries to help achieve your goals. And, most importantly, he will communicate the mechanics of the swing in such a way that it makes sense to YOU, the student.

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