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Masa Golf School is rated the highest and most popular golf lesson in SF Bay Area by the Thumbtack in 2019, 2020, and 2021 continuously.

The students are from beginners to LPGA Tour professionals. As of 2021 over 23 years of teaching experiences is based on find players’ swing by their body types. For the detail information, please visit at

Teaching is very rewarding experience to me to make me learn and grow myself. But, seeing happy students' expressions (voice or gesture) when they improve are definitely big plus. That is why I enjoy teaching more and more :)


Hired 7 times
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    Ming L.

    Masa is a excellent instructor. He is talent, patient, responsible and most importantly have great teaching philosophy and techniques.
    One thing I like about Masas lessons is he always focus on golf mechanics. Since everyones body is different, not only its impossible to demand everyone act in the incidental way, but also people will move quite different in reality. However, for every good shot, the end result comes out of everyones action, that is the mechanical impact from the clubs to the ball, is very similar. Thats one of the important and useful knowledge I learnt from Masas lessons.
    As I beginner, I have been getting tips here and there about how to move my body. The funny thing is some of these tips are contradicting each other, and even worse (Yes, human nature) is almost everyone who offering me tips ask me to stop listen to other people and listen to him. At the beginning Ill bring these tips back to Masa and hell explain me the reasons behind them. And then slowly, when I hear someones opinion, Im able to use golf mechanics to analyze what is the key point to me, and filter out the noise that only apply to someone else.
    Masa is being very patient to repeat the basic key points over and over whenever I start forgetting. Hell repeat the same point from different perspectives, for example from the upper body then from the lower body, which help me more easily to understand the bigger picture.
    For those who want to start to learn golf I recommend you Masa. I have been getting two series of lesson from him so far.
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    January 23, 2021


    David A.

    Ive been studying with Masa for four years, basically since I started to play golf. I have not taken a lesson with anyone else because Masa is incomparable.
    He is one of the most creative and enthusiastic teachers of anything I have ever studied. Apart from his extraordinary insights into the physiology and psychology of the game, he has endless patience and a custom approach specifically tailored to my strengths and weaknesses on and off the golf course.
    But what I most appreciate is his intelligence and his ability to draw analogies to other aspects of my life, like race car driving, and philosophy in order to illuminate golf lessons. He has given me so many avenues to understand my swing, my strategy, my golf goals, all based on the broader spectrum of my life. Couple that with the technical and you have inspiration.
    Thats just genius. We got a ways to go, but I love the adventure. Thanks Masa!
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    January 23, 2021


    Yaz I.

    Masa-san is a great coach! Since I started taking his lessons, my golf game has significantly improved! I used to go to GolfTech, but they made me confused every time. On the other hand, I really like Masas method - very logical and simple. Love it!
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    January 23, 2021


    Shirley L.

    I started taking lessons with Masa recently, and not only my short games have improved a lot since but also I learned his philosophy and techniques of the golf game I never learned before. Masa is a excellent coach who always clears my confusion and concerns. Thank you Masa!
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    January 23, 2021


    Justin L.

    Very good at explaining. Works based off of the persons lifestyle.
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    August 20, 2019
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    Rie K.

    Masa is a very professional instructor who helps you achieve your goal with a constructive lesson plan. My friend and I recently started golfing from scratch, but he has been motivating us greatly with his fun lessons. Masa knows how to motivate students to improve with his experienced skills. Even if you are highly-skilled golf player, I advise you to take his lesson to become a even better golfer.
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    February 25, 2019
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