Dan Chicorel Golf Instruction

Dan Chicorel Golf Instruction

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I've been golfing for over 25 years and I understand how passionate golfers can be about the game. I'm a serious student of the game and constantly learning so I can be the best teacher possible. My strengths include my ability to explain complex, unfamiliar concepts in a simplified method. I often try to use analogies or imagery to explain the unusual torquing our bodies go through to swing a club. I understand how simple the game looks, yet how complex and challenging it can be to implement these ideas. I do my best to help show you and explain different ways to understand the feel of the golf swing. The golf swing has similarities in the movement to other sports.

I believe my greatest asset is my ability to listen and connect. I'm a people person, not an elitist (which many in this game are). I come from humble golf beginnings and appreciate the challenge of trying to learn this game.

I am a Master A Teaching Professional with the PGTAA (Professional Golf Teachers Association of America) and a member of the USGA.

You can learn more about me at bettergolfinstruction.com where I have my calendar and pricing to get started.

I love golf. I love to teach. What a wonderful coincidence that I get to combine both things! Sharing my love and passion for the game while meeting new people! I have an outgoing personality and truly enjoy meeting people all the time.

I'm a big student of the game and other coaching philosophies so I can access a well-rounded knowledge base to teach from.


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Introduction to golf, General improvement, Driving skills, Iron play, Putting skills

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    John E.

    I am picking up golf again, after not playing for around 20 years. Dan has helped me begin laying a foundation with careful and engaging work on the fundamentals, as well as with feedback/suggestions on getting equipment. I gave my clubs away years ago, and the amount of clubs and equipment on the market now is staggering.
    Im looking forward to continuing lessons.
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    September 25, 2022
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    joe M.

    Ive only had one lesson so far, but Dan was able to show me some serious problems in my swing that I was unaware of (though I suspected there were problems). I will go back for further feedback/instruction. Worth the money!
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    January 07, 2022
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    Jeanette L.

    Drills, video of swing, clear explanation
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    December 23, 2021
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    Jeffrey J.

    Dan has been very kind and helpful. After just a few lessons with him, I can already see a marked improvement in my swing and my game. I have recommended him to my close friends who are looking for golf instruction and would recommend him to anyone.
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    December 15, 2021
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    Matteo V.

    Great acumen and understanding of modern swing.
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    October 04, 2021
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    Mitch W.

    Dan is very personable and easy going. He made me feel very relaxed. I was initially nervous, but he put me at ease. By the end of my first lesson, he had me feeling like a pro. Easily the best lesson I ever had. Not only that, Im left-handed, but Dan was able to explain and illustrate grip and swing teachings even though hes right handed. Thanks Dan!
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    October 03, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    During the initial phase, there is a getting to know each other so I can best be able to speak to my student in a way they'll digest my teachings. 

    If a beginner, we start with the basics - Grip (the most important aspect of a successful swing), posture and ball position. Then we rinse, and repeat. This is often overlooked and is critical to a successful swing. 

    Then we'll learn run through a few drills to help you understand how the swing works. I'll also be using video technology to help capture your swing in slow motion to help us both learn more where you need emphasis to improve. At various points we'll discuss chipping and putting. A lot of what I teach will also directly relate to the level of golfer I am working with. 

    I'm from the Midwest (Michigan and Wisconsin). I was an athlete growing up (baseball and hoops). I started to learn golf at 27 but didn't play seriously until my 40s. I've studied the game with a voracious appetite for knowledge and continue to learn the latest techniques, drills, and tips to help make the game easier to learn.  I'm a people person. I'm curious. I like to ask questions. I'm a qualified Master A Teaching Professional of the PGTAA, which has the endorsement of the PGA of America as one of more established and credible teaching foundational programs in America.  It requires an annual study on the latest developments in today's game, the passing of a challenging exam, and Playing Ability Test in order to achieve the goal of teaching others about the game of golf. 

    Please visit my website bettergolfinstruction.com to learn more about my rates and specials. 

    Lessons.com gave me a forum to offer what I've been doing for years. Trying to help the struggling golfer with their game. Upon taking the plunge into teaching I've been fortunate enough to work with students initially at my home facility and now at one of the best public facilities in the Bay area - Monarch Bay Golf Club in San Leandro, CA. 

    I work with students ranging from 8 - 70+. I'm happy to deal with all levels. What excites me the most is seeing a student with a passion for the game and then through us working together, he/she progressing and improving courtesy of my teachings. 

    A recent event I am fond of??? Well in general, I'm fond of my son who graduated from UC-Davis in 2021 and is looking to see whether a career in law is of interest. I'm fond of the fact that my step-daughter who I've been with for over 15 years, FINALLY got married to a fantastic young man (and avid golfer). And I'm fond that I continue to have students returning time and again to continue their golfing journey, entrusting me as a guide to help them lower their scores and increase their enjoyment in this sometimes, frustrating, but beautiful game. 

    I would try and check out his background. I would encourage anyone interested to speak with me, to ask any questions, and ultimately, if you feel comfortable with what I have to say and I fit your budget, to give me a try.  I can say with pride, my students appear to be quite happy with my style and instruction. 

    A lot of people are interested in the game. But if you cannot make time to practice the principles we'll learn, it's going to be very challenging to get better. Golf requires a fair amount of practice to create muscle memory. There are many different aspects to the game. That said, I would say, give me a call, drop me a note and ask any question you want. I'm an open book. Happy to answer any and all questions. 

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