Yumi Chung Golf Academy

Yumi Chung Golf Academy

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*Played Tour Events

*Played Division 1 Golf for Fresno State

*Have a strong passion for teaching

*Been teaching since 2006

*Builds solid rapports with all students

*Yumi Chung golf academy has been established since 2006.

*Yumi Chung has been a PGA professional since 2012. She has over 13 years of experience as a player and instructor. Yumi's instructional program is shaped by her extensive instructional experience, the use of technology and personalized care, formal PGA training, and her passion for the game.

*Yumi started golf at the age of 17. Right after high school, she played at Mt. San Antionio College where she was awarded the Most Improved Player of the Year. In her sophmore year of college, she received a scholarship to play for Fresno State. During her competitive years, the lowest score she shot was 67 on a par 72.

*Yumi has worked at Pacific Palms Resort, Royal Vista Golf Club, and GolfTec as a Store Manager/Teaching Professional.

*In 2006, Yumi joined the PGA Membership program where she earned her PGA professional certification in 2012. She is now a PGA Certified Instructor specializing in instruction since 2014.

*Yumi works with golfers at all different skill levels.

What to expect from your instructor

1. Focuses on Basic Foundation and Fundamentals of the golf swing. This includes set up, grip, stance, address

2. Focuses on Swing Plane, Swing Path and Ball Flight

3. Will create a positive atmosphere and a enthusiastic teaching energy

4. Flexible Teaching Schedule and will be on time ready to give the best lesson possible

5. Willing to meet the needs of the student and their goals

What to expect from the student

1. Can dedicate the time to practice between lessons

2. Has a positive attitude and come with an open mind

3. Teachable heart

4. Be willing to have ups and downs through the learning period


Serves Rosemead , CA


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A C.

I havent played golf since I was a kid so I decided to take a private golf lesson from Yumi to refresh my game. I kept on hitting the balls to the right but Yumi helped me fix my stance and how to move my hips and I started hitting the ball straight. She also did a really cool video analysis so I could see my swing and fix my posture. Yumi is also a golf pro so she knows what she is doing! Her lessons are very affordable and she is one of the best female golf instructors out there in the Los Angeles county!
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July 29, 2016

Sophia W.

My golf lessons with Yumi were spread through 5 weeks, 1 golf lesson per week. First golf lesson we got to drive the golf cart! Ive never driven a golf cart before and it was incredibly fun!! then off to work we went on the driving range. :) By the end of 5 weeks she took me out on the golf course and she taught me golf etiquette, pace of play, trying to teach me the things to not let me look like a fool. I ask a ton of questions and she answers them all very well!
My few lessons with her has been very fun. We laugh a lot and we have a great working chemistry together. Her lessons are great for couples, parent child, singles, business golf, beginners, advanced, intermediate players! I think her specialty is beginners since Im a complete beginner and shes been so good with teaching me golf.
Yumi is simply the best. She is patient, honest, down to earth, guides me step by step and with clear direction and helpful tips. She gives me her undivided attention for the entire hour and she goes over time a lot of the times. I cant wait to golf with my friends now and my business clients!
Thank you Yumi for such great golf lessons!!
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July 29, 2016

Aren Y.

Yumis been a great instructor. Ive had a handful of lessons so far and my swing has improved significantly. Shes been able to identify my bad habits but is patient enough not to make all the corrections at one time. This has helped a lot. She also believes in working on your entire game, so well go out to the course every so often instead of staying on the range the entire time. Highly recommended.
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July 29, 2016

Stella C.

I was very intimidated by starting golf as an adult at first, but Yumi made the process so incredible. I live in west la, specifically marina del rey, and most of my friends live in culver city or palos verdes, so a lot of us talked about learning golf together. It seemed like my friends had at least some idea on how to play whereas I was a complete newbie until I met Yumi.
First off, Yumi is a funny, personable instructor, not intimidating at all. She is patient, caring, and very veryyy encouraging. This really eased the tension and I was able to play without being so self-conscious.
But when your swing is off or youre making an inherent mistake in angle and all that good stuff shell quickly catch it and point it out--definitely not in any way thats intrusive or condescending tho. This really helped not only my swing but I got better at putting too!
Second, lessons are productive. Its just the right balance between verbal and hands-on instructions. She gives the most helpful feedback and is willing to listen to and address her students questions and concerns too.
Very professional, motivating, and effective.
I would highly recommend her to golfers of all ages and experience, even junior golfers or those preparing for the PGA.
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July 29, 2016

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