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Jessalyn is a Northern Michigan native whos loved horses since getting atop her aunt’s Arabian, Max, at 2 years old. Her foundation is Natural Horsemanship based, with a focus on Dressage through her teenage years, evolving to Western while working at trail riding stables, reining barns, and elk hunting ranches. Her extensive background with energy work, alternative healing methods, and plant medicine, is also integrated into her mindful practice with horses and humans. An instinctive nomad, she can be found in Denver, Northern Michigan, San Diego, and anywhere in between.

Hello, Jessalyn here. It took me years to discover how I could integrate horsemanship into my life. It was out of 5+ years of intensive dedication to self development, I was revisted by the heart song that is my dream to be working with horses. I bring every ounce of my healing journey into the round pen with me - the hours of meditation, mastermind classes, coaching sessions, deep soul exploration, energy work trainings, medicine work ceremonies. I believe that my skills begin long after the baseline of 10+ years spent working and riding at ranches and stables. For although these years that teach us how to show up physically in our jeans and boots, muck a stall, and saddle a horse, this is the beginning. It's when we look inside to do the work we do for ourselves, on ourselves, is when our horsemanship transcends. When we are willing to show up in truth with ourselves, is when we show up in truth for our horse.


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Frequently asked questions

Every day, person and horse is different. They all deserve to be met with a process that molds to their individuality. No one gets a cookie cutter experience. If someone needs to spend an hour just catching and grooming their horse, we do it. If a horse needs 30 minutes to get the saddle on safely, we do it. If someone shows up emotional and needs their lesson time to be 45 minutes of processing, we absolutely do it. 

I grew up riding English, focusing on Dressage, on top of the foundation of Natural horsemanship. This equestrian club trained their whole staff (and most students) in Natural horsemanship methods. I rode there for six years, and began working as a stablehand for four of those years. 

Beyond that I've worked at jumping stables, champion reining ranches, trail ride stables, elk hunting ranches, and more. 

Some noteworthy education I've acquired includes:

• Buck Brannaman, Horsemanship I & II (Auditor, 4+ years, no riding)

• Buster and Sheryl McLaury (Rider, 2021)

• Five Day Horse Constellation Training at Silver Horse Retreat with Sara Fancy

I began teaching basic riding 101 at an elk hunting ranch that provided hunters to ride out in the early mornings on horseback. Many of these people had been on a horse maybe once, and needed to feel comfortable to ride their mount in the 5 degree weather, with gear & rifles on their back, in the dark, at 4am. 

A mix of adult and children, mostly beginners, a few intermediate riders. 

Find someone who is not only knowledable in the disclipine or style you're seeking to learn, but also someone who SEES YOU. When we feel safe and comfortable, the survival parts of our brain are off. This allows for the mind to open up to the space it needs to take in new information completely. If you are uncomfortable (unsafe) with the person you are learning from, you are subtracting the time and money you're seeking to expand your horsemanship. 

Am I clear with what my needs are? If not, do I feel safe to be vulnerable with my teacher about my amorphousness? Can they help me create a shape for my desires?

Does the person seem able to get out of their own story and see me and my horse for who we are? 

Can this person guide me with compassion and calmness if fear is to arise within me during any of our time together? 

Is this trainer honest with themself and the emotional state they are in? If so, are they able to meet me with wherever I am on the days we are together?

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