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Doug has been helping golfers improve for 10 years. He is also the new Head Golf Coach for the Fairfield University Men's and Women's programs. Doug uses his certifications in TPI and Stack And Tilt to assist golfers play their best now!

Doug Holub is beginning his sixth year

at Fairchild Wheeler Golf Club. He has been teaching and promoting the game

of golf for over ten years. During that

time he has given over 9000 lessons. He has been a proud member of the PGA of America since 2007, and is also a member of The Premier Network of Golf Instructors Proponent Group. In addition, Doug is not only a graduate of Fairfield Prep, but also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida Southern College.

During Doug's career he has had the privilege of learning from many of the country's foremost instructors including Todd Anderson, Martin Hall, as well as Michael Breed.

Doug's goal is to continue to make Fairchild Wheeler the predominant learn-

ing facility in Southwest Connecticut

by providing customers with unparalleled instruction that will assist them in achieving their goals.


Hired 15 times
1 employee
12 years in business
Serves Fairfield , CT

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    John H.

    Great lesson. Doug worked very diligently to get me to understand exactly what I need to do in my swing.
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    January 08, 2023
    Hired on Lessons

    Richard R.

    Focused quickly on area of improvement and illustrated how in clear understandable languages. Patient. Good coomunications. Not too technical
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    July 07, 2020
    Hired on Lessons

    Kenya M.

    Doug is very knowledgeable about the game of golf and all of its mechanical pieces. I am swinging 100x better in just 3 lessons. He uses common language for each person to understand how to be better at golf. Thanks!
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    June 27, 2020
    Hired on Lessons

    Jim I.

    Doug Holub is the best golf instructor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He completely changed his own go,f swing a year and a half ago after studying what the best instructors were teaching their students. Doug works with videos of your swing (and you can take a video of him). These videos are so helpful in learning how to swing on plane, turn the face of the cloud correctly thru the swing and maximizing your body without “overhitting”. The result is hitting with more ease, creating club head speed “in the slot”, and creating a natural draw. I can now hit my clubs 10 to 20 yards farther with a draw using Doug’s fabulous well thought through teaching process. Doug is also the coach of Fairfield University’s golf team. Doug is a great and rare find. He also is a great person.
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    July 02, 2019
    Hired on Lessons

    Al P.

    He is very knowledgeable and patient. He has helped me correct and improve several aspects of my swing. We are still working together.
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    June 13, 2018
    Hired on Lessons

    Jamieson K.

    Doug did a great job of breaking down the swing for me in a relatable way. I was able to learn while swinging rather than have someone lecture and then swing. I would highly recommend Doug for anyone starting out.
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    May 26, 2017
    Hired on Lessons

    Frequently asked questions

    Each golfer goes through a brief but thorough "opening interview", which assesses their current ability, physical limitations, and goals. Based on these findings a game plan for improvement can be discussed.

    Doug Holub is a member of the PGA of America, a certified TPI golf instructor and a Stack And Tilt Network instructor.

    $90 per lesson

    3 lessons for $250

    6 lessons for $450

    Doug began the game of golf by caddying to earn money. As he became a more experienced caddie, he realized that he was helping his clients play better golf and enjoy their time on the course more.

    Doug has helped beginners learn the basic fundamentals of getting the ball in the air. He has also helped golfers qualify for National events.

    In the past two seasons Doug has helped a retired man who was just beginning the break 100 for 18 holes on a regular basis.

    Find a coach that will adjust to your goals and abilities. Not the other way around.

    Ask them about themselves, ask them how successful they are at getting golfers better now! 

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