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Spent a large part of my golf career making only slow improvements, that is until I made the Pomperaug Golf Team in High School... There are currently a few guys from a couple years ahead of my team year that play on the Korn Ferry Tour, so Pomperaug is always top tier golf with the best coaches and tools available. I was able to make leaps and bounds in the way of progress in my game once my coach started to explain to me that golf really is a "Game of Opposites" i.e. A HUGE common mistake that I see plauging MANY amatuers' is that they think to get the ball airborn they need to "hit up" or "help" the ball in the air, when they need to do the EXACT opposite which is to "hit down" on it and the loft of the club will do the rest!

I just recently got my handicap to single digits and am confident that with more short game and PUTTING practice i will be a scratch golfer in no time. I have a bachelor's degree from UCONN - Storrs in golf course mgmnt and have spent several years of my life as an assistant superintendent for several different high end country clubs in New England.

Seeing people improve at something they have been working at their whole lives, just with no real plan or direction.


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frank C.

Nick was very professional while still making me feel comfortable and not pressured to succeed. We focused on staying positive, which he made me realize is HUGE in golf and is something I always struggle with. Most importantly he showed me this one drill that just made something click in my swing... granted its not perfected yet but I was STRIPING the ball on the range and I honestly cant wait till our next lesson. I was pleasantly surprised!
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September 18, 2020
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Frequently asked questions

That depends ENTIRELY on the students current skill level and overall golf experience, as well as on age and physical ability...  So many people have the misconception that swinging harder is always better...  Why not let me help your swing be MUCH more effortless and work MUCH more efficiently for you and your game!

I do not.  I try my best to work with each individual and give them a price they are comfortable with... Discounts always available!  Especially if they commit to multiple lesson packages and BONUS if they can prepay for them in advance.

Was always working with my father on his game and once he really started to improve a few years back he talked me into doing some freelance teaching and it has just snowballed from there!


Shot even par 36 on the back 9 at The Alliance Club at Oxford Greens.  Also have had 3 fairway hole out eagles this season, to top my 2 from last season...  Still no hole in ones yet though! : (

Find someone you feel comfortable with and that you learn a TON from on the first lesson.  If that very first lesson doesnt yield EXTREME ballstriking and consitency improvemnts, then chances are he/she wont get you very far on the second, third or fourth, etc, etc...  ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT!  Price usually doesnt mean much... some of the cheapest lessons can be the best and visa versa!  Besides, even if the lesson is quite pricey, but you learn 10 times as much as a cheap lesson, which one is really more bang for your buck when it's all said and done?!

Set REALISTIC goals and be prepared to meet and exceed them sooner than you may think!  Ask yourself what you would like to get out of your golf game over the next season.

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