Taiji And Qigong

Taiji And Qigong



I am a highly experienced teacher of Taijiquan (Taiji martial art), Taiji-Qigong (Taiji health exercise), and Qigong. I am certified as a Qigong instructor by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. I teach all aspects of Taiji, including internal energy cultivation and self-defense applications.


30 years in business
Serves Herndon , VA

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An introductory Taijiquan lesson (90 minute class) is $25.

A drop-in Qigong lesson (55 minute class) is $18.

Drop-in Qigong lessons can be purchased as a package of 10 for $150.

A 3 month enrollment for two Taijiquan classes per week is $430.  

I started with my first teacher in Taijiquan in 1994.  I fell in love with the art, and when I completed my Black Sash certificate in 1997, my teacher put me to work helping her teach.

I have worked with many different types of students.  Many of my students are practitioners of other martial arts who came to Taijiquan because their other arts began to cause them pain and injuries.  Many other students have been complete beginners to Taijiquan and martial arts.  Some people have come to my Taijiquan or Qigong classes seeking relief from illnesses such as Lyme disease, hypertension or diabetes and some have come seeking ways to combat aging.  I have worked with a few exceptional teenagers, but I do not teach children under 12.  

Observe at least one class to see how the teacher teaches.  Does he or she communicate well with students?  Does the teacher allow students to ask questions and does he or she answer the questions clearly and patiently?  Does the teacher give students proper feedback, a mix of affirmation and correction without overwhelming the student with corrections?  Are the membership fees for the classes comparable to other classes of similar lenght and size?  Does the teacher know and teach the basic "coordinations" of Taijiquan and Qigong--body, breath and energy (Qi)?

What does the student wish to obtain from the classes?  Are the activities in the classes appropriate to the student's level of fitness?  In the case of learning the traditional Taiji martial art, is the student willing to make the commit to regular attendance and prolonged enrollment necessary to learn such a complex art?

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