Walton's Golf Academy

Walton's Golf Academy

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6 Time long drive tournament winner

South Carolina State Champion

Father a 40 year GCSAA Superintendent, grow in experience worldwide.

I grew up on a Nicholas grow in, trained by the best pros and won 2 club tournaments before age 14.

Moved to Pawley's Island South Carolina, where my school home courses were Caledonia and True Blue, 2 of the top courses in the grand strand. I've played all over and coached over 40 people to success.

I've seen every level of play and guarantee I can coach your swing mechanics, give you drills, help your mental game, and make your rounds more successful and enjoyable! I take a fun laid back approach and won't just run you through the typical drills, and will evaluate your personal swing and give you the best plan to suceed in your goals. If that is slowly making easy changes, or developing a swing from scratch.

I hope to be on the links with you soon!


2 employees
9 years in business
Serves Mableton , GA


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Hannah C.

Mr. Walton was incredibly patient and detail-oriented. He took the time to ensure I had a good grasp of golf fundamentals and helped me perfect my form. He has many years of golf/coaching experience and is a former state champion, and you can certainly tell! I highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone who wants to learn the game of golf from the ground up or improve their technique. Overall great experience!
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June 08, 2020

Frequently asked questions

Meet student
Learn about there current abilities.  Are they new to the game or how many years have they played?  Any previous coaching or training?  Typically start at a driving range, I can run you through some drills and shots and see our baseline.  Then your goals from coaching and where you want to take your game.  Then we can make a gameplan on how to execute!

Son of a GCSAA Superitendant of 40 years.  I grew up on Nicholas courses with training.  Won 2 club tournaments by age 14.  Won AA States in South Carolina, and was a scratch golfer at the time.  Since won 5 Long Drives and placed well in many tournaments and outings.  Its now just a fun passion of mine.  But after coaching over 40 other people in golf, from 7 year old 1st timers, to 40 year old 1st timers, as well as the 3-4 rounds a week that have played 40 years.  

Pricing ranges. 

How far I have to travel, how long the training.  

Typically 1 hour session on Range=$50*
*Price varies on distance to drive.  Cost of Range balls not included. 

1st timers

seasoned pros




Find someone you're comfortable with and have fun with!  That's what it's all about.  

That is why I stopped pursuing my golf career once I went to college.  Though I had many scholarship opportunities, Golf had become stressful and all the fun was gone, it became work.  Now That I'm back on the course, I'm stressfree and striking the ball better than ever!

Nothing!  Bring any and all questions, I'm happy to coach on all matters, no matter how silly or complex.  From swing mechanics, pre swing routine, mental blocks or life stresses.  I'm here to help, relax and have fun, and most of all... Improve your game!

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