Evan Shapiro's Golf Clinic

Evan Shapiro's Golf Clinic

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Extremely well trained golfer (consistently shoot in 70's), champion soccer player. I guarantee I can improve your golf swing for the long term, not just a temporary quick fix. I will also teach you mental tips that I have learned over the years through competition and consistent coaching.

I love seeing improvement by my students, and hearing about their newfound success out on the course either with friends or competitively.


25 years in business
Serves Del Mar , CA

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    Connor H.

    He took his time with me.
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    January 18, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    I review their swing, ask what their problems with ball striking/ball flight, etc. I will instantly know the cause of your problem and I will work with you to correct your swing and give you routines to practice on your own time to maintain your progress.

    I played on the High School golf team, Varsity for four years, played in many junior tournaments as a child, and have taken countless lessons from many coaches, and with that I have created method that seems to be successful to those that I teach.

    50$ per hour. Negotiable with lesson packages.

    I began teaching my younger siblings and my parents what I was learning from  my coaches and my own research, and I have seen major improvement in their swing and scores due to my coaching.

    Young children as young as 5 up to 15. As well as adult women and Men of all ages.

    My brother described to me a situation during his golf tournament where he remembered an analogy I gave him in order to keep his cool towards the end of a great round. He ended up winning that tournament.

    Find a teacher that not only focuses on where your ball goes, but how you address the ball, your angle of attack when striking, and everything in between. Teaching a good golf game is about reading between the lines and finding out the cause of something, not just temporarily fixing your slice or hook with a poor method that will cause your more problems down the road. Rather correcting swing and forming good long-term habits.

    Develop some short and long term goals that are attainable and measurable. For example, "I want to be able to hit 25 pitches from 50 yards into a radius around the cup of 15ft." and then do it. Not just, "I want to get better at chipping."

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