Nick Tannahill Golf Lessons

Nick Tannahill Golf Lessons

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After being a student of the game for over 12 years, I have seen my fair share of golf swings. I have studied and tried understanding professional player’s movements and their swings in general. It’s something that I do a lot even on my free time, and something that I’m very passionate about. Not only am I passionate about studying swings, I very much enjoy watching improvement whether that was me improving in my career, or helping someone else improve in their career.

I believe that there is not one way to play golf. You do not have to be a robot and have the same swing as everyone. I think there are plenty examples on tour that fit that philosophy. I do, however, believe that there are correct and incorrect movements in a swing that over 90% of successful swings all have. I like to build swings around that philosophy, and continue to improve around it. There is an acceptable “window” that every swing should be in, and certain positions that we do look for. As long as we could be acceptable, I would allow it.

During my college career, I became fascinated with how people played the game. I looked around at people as they plotted their way around the course. Every single golf swing had their own unique characteristics. This is where I learned what playing golf to one's self was truly about. Owning your swing, and playing your game.

I want to give students the tools, techniques, and instruction in order to truly get better, and understand the results. I do not believe in just telling a student, “Do X and the ball flight will be better.” I want them to understand why, which will make them buy into the philosophy more, and therefore trust their game more when pressure is on the line.

I also keep in contact with my students via email and text, and try to respond accordingly. I hope to make it to where a student can practice properly without engraining bad habits.


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Walter T.

Nick is a good guy who knows his stuff. He helped my putting and short game a ton. Simple instruction with a detailed lesson overview that he sent after each lesson.
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February 12, 2018


Fred N.

Simple swing thoughts that do not overload you. Playing with much more confidence!
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February 12, 2018


Maria F.

I found Nick to be very educational and knew a LOT about the golf swing. It was never overwhelming, however. He tried to put it in almost 2nd grade terms for me, which really made things simple. Ive lost 5 strokes with 2 lessons! We now are in regular contact and I have a lesson at least once a month. Nick uses a swing analyzer app on his iPad that he sends in a word document after the lesson. I get to keep that and even use it to practice on my own!
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February 12, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I want to learn about what they are good at, and what they could improve at.  I ask and sometimes have students fill out a questionaire before the lesson so that we are on the same page when the lesson comes.

I have worked with a PGA professional for 6 years, and have recieved a golf scholarship.  I have won multiple tournaments, and had a decent college career.  My passion is teaching the game, and showing others how to get better.  Them getting better makes the game more fun for them, and that makes me happy.

$30 for 30 minutes or $50 per hour.

I started working in the OKC area for fun, and I became very good at it quickly.  I then decided this was something I wanted to do more.

Every level minus professional.

Look for someone that has a passion for teaching and that has a proven track record.

With golf, it's pretty obvious.  What you're doing is not working obviously.  There is no shame in asking for help.  The best in the world have swing coaches -- Tiger Woods has gone through 4 of them now.

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