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Louise is a PGA/LPGA Member with over 23 years of teaching experience and has been teaching at Cog Hill for the past 18 years. She has been voted as one of the Best Instructors in Illinois by Golf Digest since 2005. She is currently Ranked as the #9 Teacher in the entire State of Illinois and is ranked as the #1 Female Instructor in the State. She was presented the Presidents Plaque by the Illinois PGA in 2010 for her contributions to golf and her continued efforts to grow the game.

She is a US Kids Golf Certified Instructor and has studied and worked with Top 50 nationally ranked instructor, Kevin Weeks, plus many other Top 100 Ranked PGA/LPGA Professionals. Louise is a graduate of the University of Mississippi where she played collegiate basketball and golf and she is a former LPGA Futures Touring Professional.

Every lesson bring something different to the table. What I like about my job is being able to take the swing the student comes with and have them understand how their parts work well and where the parts can improve. From here we work together to utilize drills and the training necessary to get their swing to repeat in a more positive fashion over and over. Once we do this, we’ve taken a huge step forward to making a lasting change in the golf swing and in their golfing career. When that student finally sees the success that they been longing for and how fun the game can really be....I can chalk that up to another win!


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28 years in business
Serves Lemont , IL


Experience level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

How often

Once a week, Multiple times a week, I can make recommendations, Other

Student age

5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old


Introduction to golf, General improvement, Driving skills, Iron play, Putting skills

Owns golf clubs

Students who own golf clubs, Students who plan to purchase clubs based on professional's advice

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    Frequently asked questions

    I always like to do a little bit of interview prior to the first lesson to answer any questions the student may have and listens to the concerns a student has about their game. With a new golfer many times it may be a simple concern that they don’t have clubs or what clubs should I buy, what to wear and I want to play but how do I start. I will help them feel comfortable about taking a lesson and comfortable while taking the lesson...removing fears of where do I go from here.

    If a student has been playing for a while,  I would like to know what their current ball flight is doing, what are their misses and how they have been practicing to correct the problems they see. This will give me a better insight into their game and their mindset.

    With all the students I will, walk them through how the lesson will go as far as maybe doing a little video some drills etc. The biggest thing is that they feel comfortable when they leave as to what they need to work on to make corrections 

    I am a current member of the PGA and of the LPGA .  Within the PGA I have a certification in teaching along with over 23 years of teaching experience and collegiate and professional playing experience.  Throughout the years of my teaching, I have spent countless hours observing and studying under some to top ranked teachers in the world.

    My years of study I’ve been fortunate to be ranked among one of the top teachers in the State of Illinois currently ranked as #9 overall and I am the #1 ranked female teaching professional in the State of Illinois

    I offer Half Hour lessons to adults and children along with Hourly lessons.  Packages are available but please note I can create whatever type package which would best suit your needs.

    My lesson rates do not include the fee that is due the facility prior to each lesson. This is referred to as a facility fee and must be paid directly to the facility outside of lesson payment.

    Adult 1/2 Hour $50.00

    Adult 3 - 1/2  Hour Lessons $135.00

    Adult 1 Hour lesson $100.00

    Adult 3 - 1 Hour Lessons $280.00

    Adult 1 Hour Shared (2 people) $110.00

    Juniors (9-18 hrs of age)

    Jr 1/2 Hour $45

    Jr 1 Hour Lesson $85

    Juniors 8 years of age and younger please contact me for pricing.

    Playing Lessons: Please call for rates

    Group Lessons: Please call for rates

    The Facility Fee rates range from $6.75 for a 1/2 lesson and $10.25 for an hour lesson.

    Growing up I played most sports because when you live in a tiny town, (population 1,300) every child had to play so we had enough team members. I was fortunate enough that most sports came rather easy to me and was quick to help others that struggled because I could see where their mistakes were. With my dad being an avid golfer of course the game was introduced to me. Once I started taking lessons, I asked tons of questions and stayed after my lesson time to watch my teacher give other lessons. It was always neat seeing how all the pieces  could come together with a few changes and it still is! To this day I still love taking the puzzle (the golf swing) apart and puttting it (the golf swing) back together to get better results!

    My youngest student student to date is 3 years of age with the oldest being 89. I welcome any age, any experience level and anyone that is willing to work to make improvements. My job is to help you better your golf game and if you come with the desire and work ethic to do so, success will soon find you!

    Student wise I have taught from beginners to professionals, young to old, flexible to non flexible, injury ridden to injury free, people with a vast knowledge of the game to those with no golf knowledge whatsoever. Regardless of who you are the goal is to better your performance each time I see you!

    Many times people will shy away because of price points. Things to think about is you didn’t just go out and buy the cheapest car, you didn’t shop for the cheapest house, you didn’t find a guy that knows a little bit about surgery to have him perform surgery on you...so don't think that a cheap price is the only way to shop for a golf instructor and in the same breath, the most expensive instructor may not be what you need either. Interview your possible new teacher, ask around for great teacher names...those good teachers names will keep popping up the more you ask. This will help you narrow the margin of who to hire. Never get forced into buying a huge package of lessons when you barely know you instructor.

    I have a lot of tournament/playing time under my belt along with countless hours of teaching and watching great teachers do what they do best...teach. My experiences go a long way as far as expertise and you should demand the best for your game  and my job is to do just that...bring my years of expertise to you every time!

    The biggest question is: am I going to allow myself the proper amount of time to take their (the golf instructors) suggestions and implement them. As a teacher our job is to make you better but you have to give yourself ample rehearsal/practice time to improve. Without the proper practice, it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals in a timely manner or at all. So be honest with yourself and your teacher when they want to know how much time can you dedicate to make the changes we need from you.

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