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With 30 years of experience, I've been able to have success with every athlete from various walks of life and sports goals.

I'm able to see the progress in people from day to day and marvel at how excited they are when they reach their goals.


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    Andrew L.

    I first began to work with Dave before my rookie training camp. My goal was to get in great cardio while working on functional strength. One on one training sessions with Dave makes it possible to really detail and understand the purpose of each movement and exercise. Dave has helped me become more explosive on the field.
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    September 26, 2018

    Anthony K.

    I started working with David my junior year of high school. My main goal when I started was to become a better athlete and drop my 100-meter dash time below 11 seconds. Needless to say, Dave helped me accomplish that goal, and my PR dropped from 11.4 seconds to 10.87 seconds after just months of training with him. The main difference I noticed from Davids training and other training experiences was the intensity of the workout. With other trainers, I did not really feel like I was getting the best workout in, and I often times felt like the training was not enough for me. With Dave, I have experienced some of the most intense workouts of my life, and I am very lucky if I am even able to walk to my car after the session is done. One thing that sticks out about my time with David is how my workout has been catered to my individual needs as an athlete. Other trainers simply use the same program with each of their clients, which may work for some, but the same program is not guaranteed to work for every person. On the other hand, David identified specific flaws in my running form and developed a workout program to correct those flaws. The workouts designed to work on my weaknesses really is unique. I could not have reached any of my goals without Davids help as his program has helped me overcome a significant hamstring injury and developed me into a more explosive and balanced athlete. David is the best, and I am honored to get to say I have worked with him.
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    September 25, 2018

    Jay S.

    In autumn of 1993, I was involved in a racing shunt that left me with a broken left femur and fractured knee and ankle. I had aspirations to compete for the Sports Car Club of America national championship the next year in a brand new car. I was looking for a miracle. My crew chief was working with NFL great Walter Payton and had recommended a trainer who was working with quarterback Jum McMahon. The trainer was David Buchanan. I contacted Dave and he started my physical rehabilitation and training that October. Daves program and motivation sped my recovery and built my athletic strength. He has diverse experience with athletes in a large variety of competitive sports. Daves methods did work miracles. I was able to go testing in early March and finished second at my first race in April. My doctor was hoping I would be walking without crutches by Spring. Dave was making me do burpees by then! Its been interesting to be performance trained by Dave for a number of years. The exercises he utilized 20 years ago are now becoming popular- The New Thing. I feel better and stronger than I did years ago. My balance, coordination, reflex, and reaction speed allow me to perform at my peak for an entire race weekend. Training with Dave, I look forward to competing professionally in the 2015 Trans Am Series- Americas Road Racing Series. I am very thankful for Daves help and expertise in helping me reach my goals. Thanks Dave!
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    September 24, 2018

    Jerry M.

    I came to know Dave ten years ago when a friend of mine recommended him to train my son during the high school wrestling off-season. I was immediately impressed not only with his creative approach to speed, explosive power, and balance development but also his leadership skills. Dave not only turned a rough around the edges scrapper into a polished athlete, he mentored and instilled a winning attitude that helped my son achieve high placement in the Illinois High School state series and later All American status in college. Since then I have had the pleasure (or should I say pain) to train with Dave for the last five years. Initially I just had a goal to get into shape, and that certainly happened, but I have to tell you that my performance in things like hiddint a golf ball, or shooting my bow, which I enjoy much more than golf, improved immensely. Recently I have been seeing Dave to rehabilitate after a total knee replacement. The last year has been a struggle, but I dont believe I would be anywhere near the place I am right now without him The hard work and dedication to Daves protocols allows me to do everything I want or need to do. As a professional hunter, my work involves climbing trees, forging rough terrain, and literally dragging my game out of the woods. At 56, I am so happy and blessed that Im still able to do these things and with the same confidence I had in my 30s! Thanks Dave, for helping me get there!
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    September 24, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    When you come to ROCK-Balanced Health and Performance, it’s all about YOU! The first visit will start the assessment where we will begin to build your personal Rock-Balanced Health and Performance program. During the assessment, we will get you started removing your movement restrictions, giving you drills to work on at home. You are on your way to your best you!
    You are on the fast track. Every visit moves you closer to the ROCK you were meant to be. Every visit, you are stronger, faster, and of course, better. You have been chiseled by the ROCK!

    I have a Degree in exercise Science and exercise management. Then a graduate degree in Kinesiotherapy. I have been training and rehabbing athletes for 30+ years 

    Visit by visit is $95/ visit. 10 visit package is $850. 20 visit package is $1,500

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