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Tom M.

I started playing golf when I was 60 so I had a lot of catching up to do. My objective was to consistently break 100. I played regularly for a few years. Scores averaged 101-110. I was just reinforcing bad habits. Had a few lessons from other pros but my score remained upper 90s-low 100s. Then Paul Maurer entered the picture. Things changed. During his lessons he suggested 2-3 things I needed to work, not 18. I worked on those easy to understand changes. I noticed improvement and I was breaking 100 regularly. My goal changed. I wanted to play bogey golf- 18 over par. I took more lessons from Paul, practiced his suggestions and was able to achieve that goal as well. To be honest, it isnt just his guidance on what swing changes I needed to make that made the difference. Paul is an excellent teacher, in addition to being a pro. He tailored his suggestions to fit my age, my flexibility and my temperament. I now regularly shoot in the low to mid 80s and have had a few rounds in the upper 70s. I know others who take lesson from Paul and they give him the same high marks. Beginners, advance players and everyone in between will benefit immensely from Pauls lessons! He is definitely a 5-Star teaching Pro!
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February 16, 2017

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Discuss the students short term and long term goals. Depending on skill level put them through an assessment and put a plan together to achieve those goals.

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My grandfather introduced me to the game of golf when I was younger. I quickly grew a love for the game and started working at a golf course in high school. After graduating college, I became a PGA Apprentice in 2012 and was elected to PGA Membership October 2016.

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