Edward Pratt Martial Art Concepts

Edward Pratt Martial Art Concepts

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The focus is on mind, body and wellness via Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong principles!

Strength and power training comes from Kung fu and Kickboxing principles of Self defense.

A fusion of these concepts to fit into ones daily activities including other disciplines such as Sports and Dance.

Tai Chi Chuan and Kung fu have been one of my many passions! -since I was 12 years old! The practice is an exploration in perpetuity!

I enjoy teaching, sharing and exploring Martial Arts with others! I enjoy the journey and experience of self improvement in myself as well as in others. Being the best we can be or strive to be in Health and Wellness! Mind , Body and Spirit!


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Anthony G.

Ed takes time to teach us the concept behind the moves we are learning. He doesn’t just teach the movement of each form. He breaks it down and shows us the application of each move. And he is patient with us and takes time to answer our questions. Always available to help out even on his on time. I feel comfortable in asking him questions via text or email and know that he will respond with an answer in a short period of time. And he has sent me material online to help me out in my learning. Awesome teacher.
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September 09, 2018

Scott A.

Edward Pratt takes time to explain every single move in detail and explain it so that it make sense. He’s a very insightful instructor, he’s use many disciplines which are incorporated into his style and teaching method.
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September 09, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I work with the level of where the student is -from beginners to black belts.

The focus in the beginning is the basic fundamentals of stances and footwork. A solid foundation...then build from there. Advanced practitioners -the focus is more on techniques and applications.

I was a Grand Champion in Forms and Sparring in Kung fu! Full contact champion in fighting. I was also an Instructor under Grandmaster Tai Yim of the Hung Fut System.

I have been teaching Kung fu and Sparring since 1989. I  have been teaching Tai Chi Chuan for 7years.

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