Find a blues guitar lessons in Saint Paul, MN

Find blues guitar lessons in Saint Paul, MN

Find blues guitar lessons in Saint Paul, MN

Share a few details and we'll show you the best blues guitar lessons in your area.
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Find blues guitar lessons in Saint Paul, MN

Share a few details and we'll show you the best blues guitar lessons in your area.
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Top 10 blues guitar lessons in Saint Paul, MN

Students agree: these instructors are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Como Park Lessons

Como Park Lessons

Offers online services
1 hire on Lessons
Serves Saint Paul, MN
David says, "Awesome instructor who knows his stuff It was clear from my very first meeting with Eric that he had a real passion for music and a mastery of the art of guitar. His lessons are fun, he's been quite dependable, personable, and knowledgeable, and I can't wait to learn more! He has a laid back attitude which really helps his teaching. More often than once he's gone over into his own time to make sure I get a lot out of each lesson." Read more

Top Pro
5 hires on Lessons
23+ years in business
Serves Saint Paul, MN
Ozzy says, "Hector takes a deep interest in understanding the individual needs of each student and tailors his wide knowledge and experience to suit the learning style of his students. Every lesson leaves me with more confidence and a desire to learn more. " Read more
Twin Cities School Of Guitar

Twin Cities School Of Guitar

12 hires on Lessons
3+ years in business
Serves Saint Paul, MN
Chris B. says, "I thought that the lessons offered were a great way to both practice as well as get feedback from the teacher and other students. The exercises are taught in a way to both improve specific playing but also improve practicing in general. Each time I go back to an exercise I feel like I played it better than the time before. The teacher is a good way of spotting poor play as well as explaining the correct way to do it so you get immediate corrections. The environment for learning is very comfortable both as a brand new student as well as after a year of lessons." Read more
Capitol Guitars

Capitol Guitars

New on Lessons
Offers online services
9 hires on Lessons
Serves Saint Paul, MN
Our instructors seek to give students a thorough understanding of their instrument while teaching them to play music they enjoy. Our lessons follow a basic outline that is personalized to match each individual’s musical taste and ability. Most importantly, we believe playing an instrument should be fun: when playing becomes fun, so does learning.
Mike O'Malley Guitar Lessons

Mike O'Malley Guitar Lessons

13 hires on Lessons
17+ years in business
Serves Saint Paul, MN
Justin H. says, "Before working with Mike I would pick up my guitar occasionally, and put it down quickly, with no direction of learning. After the first lesson with Mike I was doing basic chord strumming, and within only a few weeks I was playing rhythm for some of my favorite songs. In the nearly 2 years that I took lessons with him I learned a lot and always looked forward to learning another song." Read more
Briana Lyn Studios

Briana Lyn Studios

Offers online services
10+ years in business
Serves Saint Paul, MN
Aubrey says, "Briana Lyn Studios is amazing! Extremely knowledgeable and really makes the lessons enjoyable and easy to follow. Love the fact that lessons are convenient and there is always an option for virtual lessons in the case I move in the future. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a music instructor! " Read more
Kay Jay Olson Music

Kay Jay Olson Music

New on Lessons
Offers online services
4+ years in business
Serves Saint Paul, MN
Hello! My name is Kay Jay Olson, and I’m an educator, vocal coach, performer and composer in the Twin Cities area. I’ve been teaching music, theatre and movement/dance for over a 15+ years. I take a collaborative approach to lessons to help students reach their individual goals and learn the styles that interest them most! Music making has been a part of my personal life for nearly all my life, I have experience with a variety of musical styles including musical theatre, classical, pop and have songwriting and music production experience. I absolutely love helping students learn the music that will bring them the most joy! Starting with ...

Your blues guitar questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Lessons.

How much do blues guitar lessons cost near me?

Blues guitar lessons cost $35 to $70 per session and last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Private classes cost $45 to $70 per hour. For those who prefer camaraderie, group lessons cost $25 to $35 per session.

  • For committed learners, a monthly plan of ongoing lessons costs $170 to $315.
  • Alternatively, virtual lessons are available for$35 to $55 per hour, making musical education accessible to all.

Are blues guitar lessons worth it?

Blues guitar lessons are worth it to play blues guitar because the structured and custom-tailored teaching approach accelerates progress while enhancing technique. Self-learning, while possible, is a longer road laden with the risk of cultivating bad habits.

A blues guitar teacher will show you the essentials like:

  • How to emphasize playing on expressively
  • Ways to get confident improvising with a jazz band
  • Mastering the 12-bar blues progression and blues scales
  • Learning unique techniques like string bending, slides, and vibrato

What age is best to start blues guitar lessons?

Children can start blues guitar lessons between the ages of 6 to 10 years old at the earliest. The best time is whenever they can hold the instrument easily and have the hand strength to press on the strings.

Adults of all ages can learn to play blues guitar with the right instruction and regular practice.

How many blues guitar lessons do I need?

The number of blues guitar lessons you need all depends on what you're aiming for and how long you practice. Beginners typically learn how to play a simple song in 2 to 6 months on average. However, mastering blues guitar takes at least 4 to 10 years.

How do I find the best blues guitar lessons near me?

If you want to find the best blues guitar lessons for you, then look at teachers nearby on the Lessons website. You can also check out guitar lessons at your local music shops. Before you choose a guitar teacher, remember to do these things:

  • Check prices from 3 different teachers and ask what they'll teach you.
  • Read what others said about them on Google and on the Lessons website.
  • Ask for a list of other people they've taught to see if they're good.
  • For kids, ask other moms and dads what their kids say about the teacher.
  • Get a plan on paper about when your lessons will be before you start.
  • Pay a little at first to see if you like the teacher before you pay for a whole month.

What questions do I ask when choosing a blues guitar teacher?

To find the best guitar teacher, you could ask these questions:

  • What type of music degree do you have?
  • How long have you been teaching blues guitar?
  • Can I have one lesson for free to see how I like it?
  • What are the ages of most of your students?
  • Which kind of blues guitar and equipment should I buy to practice with?
  • Will you give me some finger patterns to practice at home?
  • How much should I practice at home between lessons?
  • What books should I get, and do you know where I could find used ones?
  • How many different blues guitar techniques can you teach?
  • If I'm struggling with learning, can you change the way you teach me?
  • What should I bring to class, and how long is each lesson?
  • Can I have a copy of our class plan, agreement, and how much it costs?
  • If I have an urgent problem and need to cancel, what happens?
  • Can I choose some songs that I want to learn?

Reviews for Saint Paul blues guitar lessons

Recent success stories from people in the Saint Paul area.
Eric is a wonderful guitar teacher. He has been my son's guitar teacher for 2-years. I admire the honesty and patience that he has with my son, in addition to keeping lessons fun. I admire how he stresses the basics, yet encourages my son to practice familiar songs to keep it fun for him. My favorite part is when I hear Eric and my son do a "jam" session. Not sure if that is the right word, but it sounds so cool when they play together. I highly recommend Eric as a guitar teacher.
Como Park Lessons
Manuel M.
Hector has a great ability to dial in to the students level and teach them theory while giving them rewarding things to practice with that don't feel like theory. His breadth of musical knowledge allows him to adapt to many musical tastes, making the classes more enjoyable.
Monica G.
Twin Cities guitar makes learning or improving guitar skills approachable and fun. I take lessons and so do my kids. it’s engaging and appropriate for all skill levels from beginner to advanced and really enjoyable as well as helpful and productive. I find it’s an exceptionally rewarding experience and quite a unique opportunity to learn.
Twin Cities School of Guitar
Cameron P.
I've been taking lessons with Mike for a few years now and I'm very happy with the progress I've made. Mike is a great teacher, he's very knowledgeable and talented, and he does a really good job of incorporating my questions and interest into our lessons. He gives me good constructive feedback and always has good suggestions on how to improve. Mike has a lot of real world experience playing in bands and recording and producing music which he also works into our lessons and I find that to be incredibly valuable as well. If you're looking for a guitar teacher I would highly recommend Mike.
Mike O'Malley Guitar Lessons
I am 27 years old and recently began taking vocal lessons with Briana! I’ve already begun to notice a drastic difference in my singing!! Within the first lesson I could tell Briana was the perfect fit! She is extremely well organized, knowledgeable, and very genuine. She gets straight to the information and doesn’t waste any time rambling which I love!! Also she has very structured lessons (she comes from a school teaching background so she plans well) and not only teaches you how to sing, but also some of the mechanics of how your body correlates. She always gives me as much information as possible and knows a wide range of techniques tailored to match your individual needs. She is so sweet and professional at the same time!! Highly recommend!!!
Briana Lyn Studios
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