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Offers online services
Offers online services


We provide personal training for your life. We work with clients with busy personal and professional lives to optimize their health through exercise, nutrition and stress management. Our trainers are highly professional and experienced. We don't sell gimmicks or trends. Instead we believe in catering to each client's age, fitness level, lifestyle and personality.

There is nothing better than working diligently with a client on form, understanding or goals and then seeing them light up when they nail it!


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Serves Manhattan , NY
Offers online services


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Jesa H.

My experience with Allison started about 5 years ago when she became my personal trainer.  Unbenounced to me, it was the start of a whole new journey that inspired me to take the huge leap of faith career/life change to become a fellow wellness professional.
I came to Allison after having started working out on my own, I was ready to take my workouts to a totally new level that I could not do on my own, and heard that she was the trainer that could help me. When I met Allison, we clicked right away... her naturally joyful and peppy spirit was such a refreshing change to what you’d think a “hard-core serious, bodybuilding-babe” trainer would be. Yes, Allison is a babe, super strong and fit, she has kicked my ass into sweaty oblivion on days, but has also helped me to stop beating myself up many other days. Allison genuinely doesn’t want to see any of her clients get down on themselves, and is always a tremendous source of positive energy and loving kindness. Whether it’s a “standard” hour long training session, one coupled with life’s outside interference (you know.. the days you put more energy into venting about “so and so” than remembering to count your reps) or one where you’re focused with the “eye of the tiger” to work off the meal you recently went a bit “too far on,” Allison is always helping to brainstorm healthy ways to maneuver through life challenges with you in ways that work for you- from how to strategize a week of clean eating or plan a fun sexy night with your significant other. =) She understands that today’s world brings all new pressures and stresses and living perfectly is just another one of those pressure that can unnecessarily raise your cortisol and is always encouraging clients keep it fun and try new things...
Weather through her contagious thirst and excitement to share knowledge about nutrition and wellness, constant support and creativity with workouts or her genuine commitment to each client’s personal well-being. Allison has ALWAYS inspired me to do better and not be afraid to reach for and achieve my goals. She has also taught me the true value in being good to myself and it’s necessity in living a health-full lifestyle.
With her encouragement and constant support (inside and out of just the gym), Allison has helped me, not only, to achieve new heights in my level of physical fitness and overall well being but also to follow my dreams and create a whole new career for myself incorporating these newfound passions that she played an integral role in igniting!  
Allison truly knows how a FULL life, is the key to a HEALTHY life.
-Jesa Henneberry Meltzer, New York City, Natural Foods Chef,
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January 05, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Gym membership is $79 per month. 

Personal training sessions are $120 per hour. Various packages available upon request. 

Ask plenty of questions about your specific needs to confirm that the trainer has enough experience to accomodate your needs. If possible observe the trainer in action with another client. Ask for a complimentary session to begin. You should feel comfortable with the trainer before making an investment. 

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