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New York Life Coaching Instructors

  • 1on1fitnessandwellness


    Brooklyn, NY 11204

    4.9 (19)

    Exercise, Nutritional planning, life-coaching, homework design, recipes, comprehensive testing and assessment, homework logging sheets and more.   I take the work/ spending money of having to go to 5 separate providers, saving you money and time, all in the convenience of your home or gym.

  • Fitness Blueprint

    Fitness Blueprint

    Jersey City, NJ 07302

    4.9 (19)

    William Ortiz received his education and certifications in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Human Behavior. William started his career as a personal trainer in 1996 and opened his own personal training agency in May 2004. He dedicates his time and knowledge to clients that seek his guidance in achieving success in both fitness and personal life.

  • Surreal Serenity LLC.

    Surreal Serenity LLC.

    Brooklyn, NY 11221

    4.9 (11)

    My grandmother said, "There's a shoe for every foot!" In other words, ones "quirkiness" or "self prescribed imbalances" may be "a plus" "or a bonus" to someone else, when cultivated by someone who sees the diamond amongst the coal. Within my 10 years of service, I have met wonderful souls from all walks of life from all around the world. Human beings are innately beautiful. It is only when we adopt external narratives that don't fit our "being" is when we feel disjointed and out of place. I use many tools of past and current trainings to assist my clients. I have studied neuro-linguistic progr
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    Best of 2018
  • Nate Ortiz Personal Training

    Nate Ortiz Personal Training

    New York, NY 10040

    5.0 (11)

    I have Movement Science College Degree, NASM certification , and im and Ex Division 1 football Player. I also recently lost 100 lbs this past year after suffering from a Spine injury. 

  • ACT IN

    ACT IN

    New York, NY 10009

    5.0 (8)

    I believe that an actor who knows well his instrument is inclined to explore any kind of character. Many actors knows what they want to accomplish but fear the way to do it.It takes desire, courage and commitment. Acting is fun. Acting is playing. Playing is relate to your inner child .This little child is your instinct. By releasing your blocks you will allow this instinct to operate and play anything you want. 

  • Training With Tiana

    Training With Tiana

    Brooklyn, NY 11233

    5.0 (6)

    My passion and experience will help you reach your goals, regardless of background or experience. I believe that moving better through your body empowers you to move better through the world. It's about YOUR life, and my program will help YOU live as fully as you can.  I am a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Orthopedic Specialist with the American Council on Exercise, as well as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher wil the Yoga Alliance. With more than six years of experience, I specialize in strength training, weight loss, meal planning an
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    New York, NY 11105

    5.0 (5)

    I believe in order to help someone else in their journey we must first be in a positive energized state ourselves. I  always try to have a good ear for peoples thoughts. I LISTEN AND THEN TALK...I believe life is a journey we must take everyday. MY YOGA STUDIO IS ABOUT THE COMMUNITY AND EVERYONE BEING ABLE TO BE AT PEACE WITH THEMSELVES AND OTHERS AROUND THEM. FREEDOM FOR ALL PEACE FOR ALL LOVE FOR ALL.

  • Pro Reps Performance Inc.

    Pro Reps Performance Inc.

    New York, NY 10023

    5.0 (5)

    Pro Reps focuses on helping individuals accomplishe there goals through various methods on and of the court. It is critical for all people to manintian their strengths while building their weaknesses so that they may be the best version of themself 

  • Shaman Shalom Yoga

    Shaman Shalom Yoga

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    4.8 (4)

    I am a yoga teacher with more than two years of allopathic medical studies under my belt, so I have an understanding of human anatomy and physiology that you won't find in every yoga teacher or fitness instructor. I am also a human being who has struggled with both physical and psychological injuries that bring depth and genuine empathy to my practice and teachings.

  • Nimbah Yoga

    Nimbah Yoga

    New York, NY 10009

    5.0 (3)

    Alternative therapies are essential to me. I combine different approaches when I work with my clients. I have been studiyng yoga, reiki, chinese medicine and counseling the past 10 years and love to combine all my qualifications when working with my clients. I have studied yoga theraphy and ayurveda in India and  respect the spiritual practice with a mindful living, mantras,  breathing work and meditation at the same time I blend it with a powerful and strong workout, so all needs are met. I specialize with injuries, emotional blockages and goals for a healthier living.  I am a
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  • Rich Body Fitness

    Rich Body Fitness

    Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

    5.0 (2)

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  • The Balanced Palate

    The Balanced Palate

    New York, NY 10018

    5.0 (2)

    Offering customized one-on-one and group Pilates mat classes, Tahya Technique Healing Dance Therapy, Various Dance styles and specializing in Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling (for healing, weightloss, energy and balance)

  • Namaste Yoga

    Namaste Yoga

    New York, NY 10002

    5.0 (2)

    I'm a former professional gymnast and a swimmer who is now certified to teach yoga. My passion is to help people to decrease their stress levels, improve or eliminate INSOMNIA, gain flexibility, become more mindful and at peace with life circumstances, and learn more about themselves physically and spiritually.

  • Ali Consulting Life Coaching And Etiquette Services

    Ali Consulting Life Coaching And Etiquette Services

    Brooklyn, NY 11216

    5.0 (2)

    I am passionate to be of service to others and to give back or pay it forward in areas we take for granted. I appreciate seeing a client use the tools they are given and like a caterpillar begin their change to become the being that they are meant to be. We all need support at some time in our lives and this is my time to give back.

  • Wellness Genie

    Wellness Genie

    Brooklyn, NY 11223

    5.0 (2)

    Greetings, I am a world renowned spiritual teacher able to help clients transform their lives utilizing multidimensional meditation and healing techniques acquired through both intense academic training and experience!! I teach meditation in Manhattan several times a week to big groups of students and also work one-on-one. Online classes are also available to students if time is prioritized over in person meetings. I treat all students individually and require a free consultation first to access clients needs, expectations and commitment ability. Pricing may vary based on frequently of session
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  • Boneseed :: Tarot, Yoga, Words

    Boneseed :: Tarot, Yoga, Words

    Brooklyn, NY 11213

    5.0 (2)

    boneseed is a healing modality focused on deep excavation, alignment, evolution and expansion of the Self through archetypal imagery (tarot and animal cards), asana (yoga postures), self-touch, self-pleasure, sensual connection and awakening, meditation, discussion and creative reflection (through journaling and other forms of expression). I believe in sex positivity, embracing difference, raw truth telling and finding the joy and fun, even in the darkest places.  alessandra is an intuitive and empathic healing facilitator, teacher, writer and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. Sh
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  • Tyrone Lee Fitness & Combat Lessons.

    Tyrone Lee Fitness & Combat Lessons.

    Bronx, NY 10452

    5.0 (1)

    Welcome to my page im one of your coaches and martial arts instructors. Im here to help you get closer to your self deffense & fitness goals. In a fun way because i believe in enjoying the journey till you get there. My program is very special because i know if you start within & Believe along with my other internal drills that ill share with you i know you will succeed. Ive been teaching and a martial arts competior in NY area for 15 years. I hold a 5th degree black belt and teach several forms of combat and fitness styles as well. I hold several certs 3 Personal Trainer & a
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  • Tribeca Health & Fitness

    Tribeca Health & Fitness

    Manhattan, NY 10007

    5.0 (1)

    We provide personal training for your life. We work with clients with busy personal and professional lives to optimize their health through exercise, nutrition and stress management. Our trainers are  highly professional and experienced. We don't sell gimmicks or trends. Instead we believe in catering to each client's age, fitness level, lifestyle and personality.

  • Yoga With Intention

    Yoga With Intention

    Rockaway Park, NY 11694

    5.0 (1)

    Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Styling WITH INTENTION What is Intention? It is a plan or a goal that we put out into the world to work towards. It can be created in the heart, the head or the soul. We can think about doing something for a long time but when we start moving towards it- it becomes our intention.  MORE EASE, JOY & COMFORT in your body and your mind is MY INTENTION.  I teach Private Yoga Lessons at the home of my students and will create a comfortable environment and practice with a compassionate approach to meet the needs of each individual client.  I am a 2
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    Brooklyn, NY 11221

    5.0 (1)

    I'm a professional boxer from France leaving in NYC I'm also a personal trainer , I provide individual or group sessions :  BOXING SESSIONS WEIGHT LOSS WEIGHT TRAINING  MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT & TONING  SPECIALIZED DIET PLANS  NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTATION ADVICES

  • Palisades Park Meditation Center

    Palisades Park Meditation Center

    Palisades Park, NJ 07650

    5.0 (1)

    Our Meditation program is designed to help one reach their greatest potential. We offer a method of cleansing one's subconscious to find one's true self or nature. The method is very quick, and effective and many members feel the benefits right away. People feel lighter, more youthful, happier, and more at peace with their self. It all starts with the decision to try. 

  • Marci's Perception

    Marci's Perception

    New York, NY 10021

    5.0 (1)

    I  am a born and raised New Yorker with degrees in English (with a writing concentration), Journalism and Education.  I also have a certification in Advertising, Sales and Marketing.  I have over 10 years experience in the work field. I have also been trained in SEO and as an internet strategist

  • Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer

    Brooklyn, NY 11216

    5.0 (1)

    NASM Precision nutrition FMS II

  • CM Fire And Life Safety Consulting

    CM Fire And Life Safety Consulting

    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    5.0 (1)

    Providing training in Security, Fire & Safety, life safety, and self-defense courses.

  • John Kalinowski - Life + Leadership Coach

    John Kalinowski - Life + Leadership Coach

    New York, NY 10001

    I’ve always been a coach. There was never really a time when I wasn’t coaching a friend, family member or coworker… pushing them to become better in some way. It took me a long time to realize that moving people forward is what I’m most passionate about - helping them realize that their purpose on this planet to learn to love themselves and others on a deeper level. It’s that simple. The more we embrace that reality, the more beautiful our lives become. Growing up in rural Northern California, I had the privilege of experiencing one of those “old-fashioned&
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  • Miranda Johnson: Life Coach For Women

    Miranda Johnson: Life Coach For Women

    New York, NY 10004

    Is Coaching right for you?Do you feel as though your life has not worked out in the way you had hoped or according to your plans? Do you have trouble with setting goals and sticking to them?Do you feel as if you are simply going through the motions rather than living the purposeful life you were intended to live?Has life thrown you an unexpected curveball causing you to second-guess yourself, your purpose in the world, or your path in life?Have you experienced a difficult loss that you're having a hard time moving on from, such as a breakup, the sudden loss of a job, or the passing of a loved
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  • Atmananda Yoga Sequence

    Atmananda Yoga Sequence

    Manhattan, NY 10010

    Atmananda Yoga Studio is a holistic wellness center that provides vinyasa yoga classes and meditation as well as holistic wellness services to the public. Owner and founder, Jhon Tamayo, developed the Atmananda Yoga Sequence, which has it's roots in Iyengar, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga to create a Vinyassa flow. The studio offers the following: - 200 & 500 hour teachers training- Customized teachers training - Yoga Classes (All Levels)- Meditation - Workshops- Ayurveda Diet counseling- Nutrition counseling- Acupuncture- Massage
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  • Plush Fitness

    Plush Fitness

    Manhattan, NY 10016

    We are a health & fitness facility offering Small Group Coaching, Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Cross-Training, Yoga & Dance. Come for a high-impact conditioning and cardiovascular workout. Leave feeling exhilarated. Get one-on-one attention and training like you never dreamed.  Our personal coaches build a fitness program designed to tone and sculpt your body while building strength, stamina, discipline and confidence. Deepen the experience by integrating combat techniques into your training, e.g., boxing, grap
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  • Cindy Lai Fitness

    Cindy Lai Fitness

    Manhattan, NY 10019

    Welcome to Cindy Lai Fitness, your first step in learning how to improve your lifestyle through health and fitness. I work with clients individually as well as in a small group setting to ensure that their needs are addressed on a regular basis. I also empower them to make the necessary changes they need in order for them to meet their fitness goals. It's all about a healthy life balance. My diverse experience over the last 20 years includes everything from CrossFit, Olympic lifting, weightlifting, Kettlebell training, TRX, martial arts, HIIT training, yoga, injury prevention and rehabilitatio
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  • Barbarian Fitness

    Barbarian Fitness

    Staten Island, NY 10309

    Hi- I'm Ralph Barbato. I train out of Intoxx Fitness in the Tottenville section of Staten Island, NY. I hold 15 fitness certifications and look forward to assisting you in your fitness goals. I've created a very successful program called Flab2Fab(c) which is a hands-on approach to weight loss. I'm also a certified Underground Strength Coach, Muay Thai Fitness Instructor, Youth Sports Training Specialist and Personal Fitness Chef. I'm also heavily involved in training people for Obstacle Course Racing, i.e. Spartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Terrain Race, Rugged Maniac, etc. In the World of F
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