Director Of Instruction At Jared Shears Golf

Director Of Instruction At Jared Shears Golf

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As a golf instructor we can get stuck into teaching the same thing over and over to every player. This is where my use of BioSwing Dynamics sets me apart. Through 5 unique body test we determine your swing road map and work together on the way to you owning that swing.

Those lightbulb moments you get with players of all skill levels is truly amazing. When a player is able to take the information and movement putting it into their own process is when that lightbulb goes off.


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Greg S.

Has developed our high school son to the point he is being recruited for college golf as a Junior. He also started working on my swing which in two lessons has become day and night better (okay, this really wasnt hard!). He can match his expertise with your expectations. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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November 09, 2018

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Interview the student to find their stregths and weaknesses within their golf game.  Also determine their goals to develop a game plan to acheive those goals as quickly as possible. I also like to determine if there are any injuries that may be or become a issue during our time working together.

From their each player is put through body testing to determine their body structure. Which in turns helps us develop a proper effiecent golf swing.

- AimPoint Level II Certified

- 5sk Director of Instruction

- BioSwing Dynamics 

- Lowest Score Wins Head Coach

- DECADE System Coach

- BlastMotion User

- S2M Forceplate User

- SportsBox AI User

- Trackman User

- FullSwing Kit User

Single Junior 1 hr Lesson $100

Single Adult 1 hr Lesson $125

AimPoint Lessons $200

The passion of playing the game at a high level allowed me to learn form some of the best. That experience gave me the passion to give back and help others achieve their goals within the game of golf. 

I have worked with players from the age of 6 all the way to PGA Tour Players. 

Interview each coach as if you where choosing a doctor.  There are a lot of golf instructors out there with some being far more knoweledgable then others.  Ask them what skills they have. What kind of continued education they are doing? The key is to have the coach in it for you not just simple another lesson.

What are your goals? What do you want out of your golf game? How much you willing to practice? Do I get alone personally with this coach?

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