NITROSWING Golf Swinging Lessons

NITROSWING Golf Swinging Lessons


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With 30 years of being in the fitness business, my teaching experience started in high school when I created workout plans for our football, wrestling, and track team members. It continued through college when I assisted a friend open a gym at Ohio University. Once graduating with a degree in Nutrition Sciences, personal training at the gym and home environments became the professional track. As my mix of diet, supplement, and nutrition knowledge worked synergistically with the specialized workout programs, the profession grew outside my community by authoring a best seller book and video programs that encompassed all that personal trainers know. Training athletes of all types, during the mid 90s I was creating workout programs for golfers at Glenmoor Country Club (Jack Nickluas design course) and pioneered sport specific programs with exercises and activities for the golfer members during the off-season. As my reputation grew, my list of fitness, nutrition, and diet knowledge experiences and certifications expanded from the network of high level professionals and organizations I came into contact with. These experiences lead to creating my own proprietary training equipment that used nitrogen gas pressure instead of weights, and NITROFORCE INDUSTRIES was born. The multi-functional TITAN 1000 strength training machine was developed for High Resistance-High Velocity training, and sport specific training for power and speed now reached new levels of training adaptation. Change the physics of the resistance mechanism, you change the adaptive qualities of the athlete. Golf, needing a specific tool for the complex golf swing, the NITROSWING was created to fill that void. Now, 20 years of thinking and imagining the perfect swing training machine, I am back to training golfers with the mind blowing NITROSWING. As the training on the NITROSWING accumulated with hundreds of golfers getting a 100% success rate in creating club head speed that results in distance, other golf professionals have adopted this method of "training" the swing for repeated high performance and are contributing to the training protocols from experience. As the golf industry moves from the high tech equipment phase, due to USGA regulations on the the ball and clubs, the era of now focusing on the golfer needing to be a better athlete is growing. The NITROSWING is the preferred sport specific training program/product that leads the industry in results. This isn't some "swing tip, magic move, or gimmick" that is just another fad or fantasy to add 30 yards to your drives. This is real training science with a full understanding of how skill, talent, and ability are created from the cellular level. DISTANCE is created from club head speed. Club head speed is created from higher amounts of force in less time. And that is obtained from training a specific way. CONSISTENCY is due to repetition. And ACCURACY comes from repetitvely doing the correct plane, path, face angle and hand positions every time. It's complex, but the NITROSWING makes it that simple. If you are tired of buying clubs that advertise "distance and accuracy" and you are not getting the results that are advertised, I will get them for you. The NITROSWING never fails.

Getting clients the results they want from the information I have gathered.  When they have tried everything and everyone and still fail, I get them to get it done.  Teaching may have a philosophy, but training is a science.  Science rarely fails if implemented correctly.  I enjoy watching it work every time.

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