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Powers Golf is located at The City of Charleston Municipal Golf Course, 2110 Maybank Highway in Charleston, SC. PGA Master Instructor Boykin Powers personally delivers traditional instruction by the hour and innovative Coaching Programs to adults and juniors of all skill levels, utilizing Trackman Radar technology to help his students measure their results and improvement.

Powers Golf also provides Trackman Technology for your golf outing, charity tournament or special event, adding the excitement of seeing their Trackman numbers and relating to what they see on TV while watching the PGA Tour players play.

Teaching philosophy: Teach each individual differently according to their strengths and weakness while eliminating any unnecessary moving parts of the golf swing – this allows the swing to be as simple as possible and instills confidence in the student. Teach the student to use the big muscles to create power with minimum of effort, also allowing for greater consistency. Priority is put in center face strike the learning club face management. Then create an effective training method according to each players' goals to make required swing changes in the most efficient possible way.. Boykin understands that everyone learns differently and there is no one "perfect swing". He will work with your learning style and help you build skills that transfer to the golf course.

I enjoy teaching a lifelong game/activity to everyone. I have really enjoyed building one of the biggest youth golf programs in the state over the last several years. Helping people with their golf swings has allowed me to meet so many different kinds of people, wonderful people who have taught me many different things along the way.


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    Bobby S.

    I was shooting in the high 90s, playing every Sunday and getting more frustrated every week. I had all the bad habits of a hacker swing and I was tired of not being competitive in the group I was playing with. Over 6 weeks and 4 lessons, Boykin broke down my game; changing my grip, stance and swing. Some results came immediately, and some not so much, but after sticking to what he taught me, 2 months later my game has turned the corner. My last 5 rounds have been in the low to mid 80s and I have confidence in my swing, distance control and ball striking. Boykin was great at explaining very simply what I was doing wrong and why I needed to change it if I was to improve. I could not be happier with the way I am playing right now and have no regrets on how I got there.
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    June 16, 2021

    Richard B.

    Super lesson today with Boykin Powers. Very professional and really knows what he is doing. Takes his time to explain what we are trying to accomplish. I am a 67 year old with a 5 handicap and working on getting a better take away and better swing plane for better contact. He has trackman with shows many different things with your swing and striking of the ball. Boykin takes the time to explain the different things. Would highly reccomend to all golfers of all levels. Will be meeting with Boykin for more lessons.
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    January 27, 2021

    Jerry C.

    Boykin is a master. He fixed 20 years of chunking in 40 minutes. Seriously. Highly recommend him if youre trying to improve your golf game.
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    January 21, 2021

    Laura O.

    Boykin was a great instructor! He keep things very simple and easy and showed me how hard I was making hitting the ball. He removed so many things I was thinking about, gave me two simple things to work on. His explanations of what was happening and why it was causing problems was so helpful. I really got so much out of the first lesson with him that I am very excited about going back, instead of confused and not knowing what to when I go back. Thanks again Boykin and see you soon!
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    January 21, 2021
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    Frequently asked questions

    Finding out what the students goals are, and how aggressive their plan is to achieve that goal.  I want to find out where you at, your strengths and weakness, If you know them. How many golf lessons have you taken in the past?

    scheduling golf lessons: aggressive - 2-3 practice sessions in between lessons and follow up lesson the next week. Standard - 2-3 practice sessions in between lesson and follow up lesson in two weeks.  As a golfer trying to improve and makes positive changes to their swing, I encourage 2-3 practice sessions and lesson at a minimum every 3 weeks.

    I am constantly taking training courses in coaching/instruction by the PGA, many coach camps and seminars to keep up with new tech and modern golf swings theories.

    $75 for 55 minute lesson.  
    $275 for series of (4) lessons.

    add a participant to golf lesson +$25, to a series +$75

    I started teaching golf while attending college in 2001, I became a golf professional while in college and immediately start teaching a junior program and new golf developement programs. I went around town and watched other top professionals teach, which I still do today.

    You should like your golf instructor, you should have personalities that work well together.  Golf should be fun.

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