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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have been a Certified Sports Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionists since 1998. I have worked with the SMU athletes and in the Fitness Corporate Wellness Profession. I also have worked w/ Sports Nutrition companies.

I am very good at motivating people and being personable, in a short time i get in-tuned to what the athlete or client needs are and address them in a specialized manner in order to get results.

Helping People improve! People i work with begin seeing results in a few weeks without me pushing them too hard! There is a art and science in regards to exercise programming. I liked helping a athlete get stronger or a fitness individual who needs to get in shape and lose some weight. Education is a big part of how I work with people. I like educating them reagarding their bodies and health.


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Offers online services

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    Christian A.

    Man this guy knows what he is talking about. We had a chest work out that lasted about 45 min (witch is all you need) and I instantly started feeling the pump. I didn’t mention it, but I have not been on synergen for a full week yet! Lol so imagine how a month is going to go!! My muscles where contracting very nicely. So we had a Sat pump and now it’s Monday. And I feel my chest very full and plump. Very sore as well witch is great! I have been following his meal plan that he had created for me and it’s great! Check out his Instagram page.
    (Synergen3) there he will have a upload of quick bicep pump he put me through.What we where doing there was hitting a high volume set with light weight. following that was more of the work out plan. But hey guys! he’s a great coach and has a great supplement on stock! Get it before he runs out is what I got to say! Keep up with me on my page ( HighVolumeApparel ) on how my gains are going! I will be on synergen3 as long as I can. I’m constantly posting so the improvements will always be uploaded! Thanks Ramsey! Let’s get the GAINS BABY!
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    April 12, 2021
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    Rick M.

    Ramsey is awesome! He knows what hes talking about and its all from experience and doing it himself. We met at a gym for the initial consultation. He really took his time looking at my physique to get an assessment of what I needed to work on. After that, he custom tailored a workout program for me and has been available for any questions Ive had, as Ive transitioned to his plan. Ive been very impressed and I am looking forward to a long relationship here. Not to mention his fees are half what some of those other guys charge, and they dont even have the experience to back it up!
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    January 07, 2021
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    Samuel G.

    Ramsey’s experience and training expertise are evident within 10 minutes of the first workout. His tailor-made approach to achieve fitness goals makes the sessions both fun and effective. Progress is coming faster than I could have expected. Be prepared to work hard and work smart. And also, he’s just a great guy to be around, which is always a plus for a trainer.
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    April 23, 2020
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    Stella T.

    Ramsey was so through during our first meeting. He took into consideration my age/eating habits/injuries - everything. Then he put me on a great workout program that he built on as I improved. Ive had other trainers, but he is by far the best. I lost weight and built muscle at the same time. I look better now than I did in my 20s! Thank you Ramsey!
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    February 25, 2020

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    Have a appointment and discuss thier goals and interest.  Also I take the time to evaluate thier overall profile as it may relate to fitness. 

    Degree from University of Texas and Certified with the NSCA. 

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