Football has always been my first love. Ive played since middle school all the way up to the Semi-Pro level for the Houston Ducks. My specialty is in the WR and DB positions. Speed, Acceleration, Agility and Great hand eye coordination are the key attributes to these positions. We will work to make your future football player one of the very best in the field.

Bowling is a second love of mines that ive always loved doing recreationally. Im a natural athlete at the sport. Never took a class nor was ever taught how to bowl. I simply just knew how to bowl. I didnt excell in my game until i tokk it seriously and joined many bowling leagues when i moved to Houston. My first year average was 167. By my next year i set an average of 208. Furthermore within my second full season i bowled my first 300 game. Something never done in the sport by a first time bowler. The vast knowledge that i have and can teach to others has came from others. Those who have studies this game for 40+ years. Ill teach your furture Pro Bowler how to read the lanes, establish his steps to the approach, different styles of holding the bowling ball, different oil patterns to learn from, Timing, Back swing, proper balance from start to finish and how to project the ball down the lane properly.

I enjoy seeing GROWTH. Knowing that i once was the person that I'm helping fires me up because i know whats at the end of the tunnel of HARD WORK. Which is SUCCESS. Im a motivator for greatness in others but the goal is to get them to see their potential to be great at what their doing. HARD WORK BEATS TALENT ANY DAY!


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    Time and Patience. In Football, if the student lacks certain skills, then it is important to work on one skill at a time.  Never overwhelming him with too much which could lead to injury. Getting the student to understand his body and what its capable of doing. 

    The same thing applies in Bowling as well. If this game was easy to figure out then everyone would be bowling 300s across the board. It takes hours on hours of practice, but more important is PATIENCE. Rome wasnt built in a day so its vital to understand that you have to build a foundation first and then lay the brick work which is the knowledge of the game and fundamentals that will project you into pro status as time progresses and you skill increases. 

    My education and training comes from hands on 10+ years of experience in Football and 5+ years in Bowling. Im an ATHLETE. Which means i have the skill to play all sports at a higher level. I chose football and bowling because im very passionate about them. 


    WR and DB Skills and Agility training - $50/hr. Session

    Bowling Lessons- $45/hr session 

    Just started putting the word out that i was looking to teach others. I know alot of people and they know me and my story. Word of mouth got me started .


    Handicapped( knee, hip, shoulder, back injuries) 

    Older Adults (50+)

    Kids (5-17yrs )

    Bowled my first 300 game. Monday Feb 10, 2020

    Make sure the trainer is just as passionate about your sport as you are. 

    Make sure they understand what your looking to achieve and accomplish. 

    Make sure they have PATIENCE with you and understanding. 

    Are they going to be a sponge and be willing to learn?

    Are they coachable?

    Are they dedicated enough to commit to the training they seek?

    Is it what they really want and need?

    Is there an End Goal?

    Where do they see themselves in 5yrs in what their training for?

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