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Over 80 years of combined service supporting the following US Naval Special Warfare, US Navy EOD, US Army Special Operations and Special Forces, Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement and also the Private Sector Contributors.

Our Team Members come from various Special Operations Forces and Units, to include HQ SOCOM (Special Operations Command), Department of Homeland Security, US Border Patrol, US Department of State, Private Security Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies and Tactical Units, as well as responsible and trained civilians.

DC Concealed Carry Training in NoVa - Indeed! Your read that correctly. If you travel to DC, you'll need a DC Permit as DC does not honor any other state carry permits.

And anyone with a US address can now apply.

The Good News is you no longer have to provide a valid reason to carry in DC. In legal terms they've moved from a "may issue" to a "shall issue" jurisdiction in early October 2017. For more information read the SDT Virginia Guide to DC Carry,

Even Better News...

With this operational and “In the Field” experience SpecDive Tactical brings you, the customer, the most up to date gear and support for the Warfighter and Law Enforcement Officer.

Upcoming firearm training in Alexandria VA - From Basic to Advanced, we have you covered. We have Basic Pistol Classes, Basic Rifle and Shotgun Classes, and our popular 4.5 hour VA Concealed Carry Training Class, that is not even in the same universe as the "online" carry training available here in Virginia.

And last fall we added our DC Concealed Carry Class.

Why attend an upcoming Firearm Training in Alexandria?

At SpecDive, we offer various courses and try to keep our classes small, to ensure your training is better in tune with your specific needs. And ask any firearm professional. They will tell you "train".

There are many ways to obtain these needed skills such as books, online videos, and even personal experience, but in-person training with an expert is the best way.

Who should attend an upcoming firearm training in Alexandria at SpecDive?

From housewives to CEO's and executives, and from college students to truck delivery drivers, and everyone in-between, as you might guess, training cannot be overemphasized. Just the same as in the military, law enforcement, and the security industry, professional firearm training cannot and must not, be overlooked.

Here at SpecDive, our professional firearm training ranges from basic pistol, rifle and shotgun safety training and firearm maintenance classes to highly-focused long distance rifle shooter training, real concealed carry training, and everything in between, including our very popular combat-pistol and combat-rifle training courses held at Echo Valley Training Center. And yes. That's our training you've likely heard about over at EVTC.

Come experience the difference at SpecDive.

Defensive Pistol 2-Day Training September 29-30

Two days of intensive pistol training designed to prepare you for real life events. Advanced Concealed Carry Training at Echo Valley Training Center.

This class will prepare you for real world confrontations and is ideal for anyone who has completed a Concealed Carry Class or our Basic Pistol Class and wishes to learn how to effectively deploy a firearm for the purpose of self defense.

The SpecDive Tactical 2-day defensive shooter course is for law enforcement officers, military personnel and private citizens who desire a complete understanding of the defensive handgun and achieve a skill level that surpasses 99% of those who carry a gun. It has profound implications for reducing injury or death in a armed confrontation.


Why Combat Training Is So Valuable

So you've gone to the range and have stood still and fired at a stationary target. That practice is valuable training for sure, but it lacks "real-time" elements. Like moving. In a real-time situation, say an intruder in your home, it's likely that the target will be moving, and it's also likely you will not be standing still. That's where combat training comes in.

Basic Combat Shooter Weekends at Echo Valley Training Center

Basic Combat Pistol is Saturday and Basic Combat Rifle is Sunday - Sign up for both and save $50.

This course will qualify you to take the SpecDive Advanced Combat Shoot Course where we take combat to a whole new level not found anywhere outside of military.

Combat Pistol October 20

The training regimen includes:

• De-escalation and avoidance

• Firearm presentation (draw from holster)

• Breaking contact while firing (getting off the “X”)

• Shot placement

• Accuracy with compact and subcompact firearms

• After-action scene security

• Concealment techniques

• Shooting through Windows, Walls and Cars

• Ballistic Gel Shooting Presentation

Questions? Call Today - These EVTC Classes fill fast.

Combat Rifle October 21

​Proper Range conduct and etiquette

Safe weapons handling

Standard malfunction protocol

Grip and stance

Visual Target Accommodation

Manipulation and Retention of the Carbine Rifle

Proper Grip For Optimal Recoil Management

Accuracy Drills

Shooting from Cover

Multiple Target Engagement both on paper and steel targets

Engaging targets at distances of 3-100 yards (Stationary and Moving Evolutions)

Timed Shooting Drills (Stationary and Moving Evolutions)

Advanced Combat Shooter November 3-4

Note: You must have completed the basic combat course in order to take the advanced course.

The pinnacle of combat training, the SpecDive Tactical Advanced Combat Shooter Training Course is unlike any other training available outside of SpecOps.

This course expands on the basic combat training utilizing carbine rifle with a pistol backup in a variety of challenging situations.

Required Equipment

Chest rig battle belt

Rifle (AR) (30 Rd mag)


Mag Pouch

Min 3 mags

Helmet (Can be rented from SDT) 50.00 weekend

Body Armor (Can be rented from SDT) 100.00 weekend



Min 3 Mags Large capacity (15-17)

Clothing for both day night and wet and cold weather

Food, water

Eye and ear protection

Paper pencil for notes and mission planning

Min 1000 rds of rifle and 400-600 pistol – NO STEEL CORE AMMO

Recommended gear

knee and elbow pads

shooting pad

bug spray

hand foot warmers


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