Fight4It Personal Training - Strength/Functional Fitness/Boxing & Kickboxing/Self-Defense

Fight4It Personal Training - Strength/Functional Fitness/Boxing & Kickboxing/Self-Defense

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We have proven strategies and solutions to help people build and tone muscles, lose weight, improve flexibility, reduce stress, and feel confident. We incorporate a diverse mix of exercises and body movements from all martial arts and fightsports, as well as functional & bodyweight movements, while mixing in weight training, resistance, & cardiovascular training. We are also the area's trusted & leading authority for obstacle race preparation & conditioning (American Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Dirty Girl races, etc.). When all of these aspects are blended together in a workout - you'll have a workout that you can rely on to challenge you mentally & physically, bring you serious results, AND without ever getting bored or "stagnant." Our average client sticks with their training here for about 5-7 years, with a large portion of our student body committing to the program for 10+ years, and we even have some people that are still training with us after 27 years! We also have some families in which I've trained 3 generations! It's hard to find that kind of loyalty, drive, dedication, & commitment in the corporate world, much less in a fitness & martial arts training program. But these factors alone, speak volumes of our commitment to keeping our students happy and really allows the martial arts to become a passion and way of life for them, as it is for us. The martial arts we teach has something to offer every member in a family; one of our mottos here is: "The family that kicks together, sticks together!"

For those interested in martial arts, amateur/pro fighting, or self-defense training - we combine more than 16 martial arts styles into one, comprehensive curriculum. Whether you're interested in fitness or self-defense, our variety will always keep the body guessing (& developing a balanced physique), keep you wanting to come back for more, and increase your chances of surviving a dangerous situation - while being able to react without fear and hesitation. Put simply, our clients are FIT AND FEARLESS!

Mr. Oakley is sought after for his knowledge of technical shis studentground-fighting skills quite like we do. No matter what the skill or advantage of the attacker is - Mr. Oakley is knowledgeable of all of the different aspects of fighting and teaches all of the strengths and weaknesses of each style - allowing the student to discard what doesn't work & focus on using the skills that will work in the streets. It's a known fact that no ONE style works in EVERY situation. The greatest chances of survival is to have as many different "tools" or skills as possible. One of Mr. Oakley's greatest strengths is in teaching defenses against bladed/blunt, & triggered weapons. This skill & knowledge has seen him recruited with the purpose of teaching local law enforcement officers, special agents, military officers, & bodyguards/bouncers. In addition to teaching the physical skills, we condition the student physically & mentally, as well as provide instruction in the legalities of self-defense, as well as situational awareness & dialogue.

I absolutely love helping people, and bringing out the very best version of themselves. I love helping adults beat inflexibility, lack of coordination, heart disease, lethargy, and body fat - helping them sculpt & shape the physique that they wish to restore, or have longed for. I love to see people's confidence soar with good training; after all, only true confidence is obtained through true skill. Many of the martial arts schools teach the martial arts as a "novelty" (look-but-don't-touch). In other words, the skills they learn don't work, and the training is very watered-down, and "cookie-cutter" like. In teaching children, I love teaching the tenets & traditional/core values that have been lost in many martial arts schools of today - and lost in society, in general. Watching these kids grow up in the martial arts, and providing them with the level of instruction that I grew up with, gives these kids a chance to succeed in life, while reinstalling faith in the parent's eyes that the teaching of good values is not a lost art - but one that we have mastered, and are committed to teaching our younger AND older students.

Very few can say that they've done martial arts for as long as I have. It is truly a labor of love; it's never been an option to do anything else. I teach, coach, & train day-in-day-out, as this is my only job, my chosen profession. I'm blessed to be considered one of the best in the world at what I do. My experience allows me to reach and relate to children, teens, and adults. My passion for teaching the martial arts is fueled by the desire to have a positive impact on the lives of those I teach. I've been credited with changing lives, improving the quality of lives, health, & well-being - and my training has even been credited with saving many lives. It is an honor and blessing to be able to service thr needs of all of the students and family's that I have had the privilege of teaching, since I started teaching Northern Virginians back in 1984. Certified as a personal trainer, I am also a certified 7th-Degree Black Belt in American Martial Arts/Karate, under living legend & Texas karate pioneer, Grand Master J. Pat Burleson, of Fort Worth, Texas. I've also trained under Kickboxing legends Jeff Smith, and Danny Boccagno. I started American Karate/Boxing/Kickboxing/Judo/Ju-Jitsu at age 3, I've been training for 41 years, instructing for 31 years, and have been a certified USA coach & certified personal trainer for 29 of those years. Having had the privilege & great fortune of being a 5-time world champion and hall of fame martial artist; as a testament of our quality of instruction - the "proof is in the pudding" - having trained over 325 national & world champions out of our one gym, alone - which is unprecedented. Our students/clients enjoy the diversified training - knowing that they will receive the best instruction in the area, giving them the skills and tools they need to be successful in life, as well as in the streets, if a dangerous, life-threatening situation should arise.


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Alex M.

Very happy with Coach David. Workouts are tough and push you, but he is always clear about why you are doing a certain exercise, what its helping to strengthen or build up, etc. Gym is very well supplied and set up. In a short time Ive gone from a guy who had a hard time motivating myself to work out, to now looking forward to each day Im heading to Coach Davids gym.
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May 27, 2021
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Frequently asked questions

After meeting, we typically discuss the student/client's objectives and goals at first - and allow them to get comfortable with me, by allowing them a brief question/answer session. We then tailor a program that consists of the aspects of training that they specifically want, and make a plan of action. I then take them through a light workout, introducing some of the aspects that they're looking for, to make sure that they're getting what they want as well as enjoying the training, & evaluate the person's coordination, abilities, strength (upper body, lower body, core), endurance, and flexibility. 

- currently owns and operates his own gym (since 1995). 

- has successfully run a school/gym, has taught, & directed the programs for a former world champion kickboxer. 

- has been hired by & taught self-defense for Middleburg & Leesburg police departments. Also hired by the CIA, & by special agents to teach knife, stick, & gun defenses.

- 5 time men's light-middleweight world champion Kickboxing champion. 

- certified 7th degree black belt master coach & trainer. Certified personal trainer, & group class instructor. Level 12 certified tactical & weapons self defense/disarm Instructor. 

Offers licensing/certifications to those wanting to become an instructor, coach, & personal trainer. Certified over 75 cardio Kickboxing instructors, who teach at other area gyms & academies. 

- Has done personal training for, & taught group classes in boxing, kickboxing, mma, self-defense, karate, boot camp, kettle bells, TRX suspension, Ginastica Natural, & ab classes for area gyms such as LA Fitness, Gold's Gym, Sport & Health, YMCA, Sterling Community Center, Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion, & Ferraiolo Fitness Personal Training group. 

- Has been training in the American Karate System for 41 years, teaching for 31 years, providing coaching & personal training for 29 years.

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