Find a blues guitar lessons in Arvada, CO

Find blues guitar lessons in Arvada, CO

Find blues guitar lessons in Arvada, CO

Share a few details and we'll show you the best blues guitar lessons in your area.
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Find blues guitar lessons in Arvada, CO

Share a few details and we'll show you the best blues guitar lessons in your area.
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Top 10 blues guitar lessons in Arvada, CO

Students agree: these instructors are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Music Lessons By John Baldwin

Music Lessons By John Baldwin

3 hires on Lessons
3+ years in business
Serves Arvada, CO
Gio B. says, "John is very knowledgeable about music and on multiple instruments too. He's a talented player, a composer, and a great teacher too. Take lessons from this guy." Read more
Clint Dadian - SkylarkJazz

Clint Dadian - SkylarkJazz

4 hires on Lessons
24+ years in business
Serves Arvada, CO
Howard S. says, ""I am a “Jazz” guitarist, so that is the context in which I know Clint as a teacher. I studied with Clint for about 3 years all within the past decade and can recommend him as a teacher without hesitation. The first thing that stands out about Clint is that he is an excellent guitar player. This shines through in his teaching method because he is very organized and has a clear vision of the step by step approach that can be taken by a student to improve his or her skills. There is a tremendous amount of guitar instructional material that is available both in books and on-line. The value of a good teacher can be to dispassionately evaluate a student's strengths and weaknesses and to suggest a focused course of action to get to that student's stated goals. I think Clint has those skills and can help make the path to improvement as a player both rewarding and fun. I havn’t seen Clint interact with younger students. I suspect that because of his focus he may be at his best working with older kids, teens, and adults, and of particular value helping high school students prepare auditions for college music programs" Read more


New on Lessons
4+ years in business
Serves Arvada, CO
With 40 years of playing the guitar my students progress faster than the students taking lessons at a music store. I know how to develop the right and left hand coordination. Technique and avoiding the pit falls of improper practicing. Watching my student progress like do do, brings a smile not only to their face but mine as well. That's why I love teaching guitar so much!

Your blues guitar questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Lessons.

How much do blues guitar lessons cost near me?

Blues guitar lessons cost $35 to $70 per session and last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Private classes cost $45 to $70 per hour. For those who prefer camaraderie, group lessons cost $25 to $35 per session.

  • For committed learners, a monthly plan of ongoing lessons costs $170 to $315.
  • Alternatively, virtual lessons are available for$35 to $55 per hour, making musical education accessible to all.

Are blues guitar lessons worth it?

Blues guitar lessons are worth it to play blues guitar because the structured and custom-tailored teaching approach accelerates progress while enhancing technique. Self-learning, while possible, is a longer road laden with the risk of cultivating bad habits.

A blues guitar teacher will show you the essentials like:

  • How to emphasize playing on expressively
  • Ways to get confident improvising with a jazz band
  • Mastering the 12-bar blues progression and blues scales
  • Learning unique techniques like string bending, slides, and vibrato

What age is best to start blues guitar lessons?

Children can start blues guitar lessons between the ages of 6 to 10 years old at the earliest. The best time is whenever they can hold the instrument easily and have the hand strength to press on the strings.

Adults of all ages can learn to play blues guitar with the right instruction and regular practice.

How many blues guitar lessons do I need?

The number of blues guitar lessons you need all depends on what you're aiming for and how long you practice. Beginners typically learn how to play a simple song in 2 to 6 months on average. However, mastering blues guitar takes at least 4 to 10 years.

How do I find the best blues guitar lessons near me?

If you want to find the best blues guitar lessons for you, then look at teachers nearby on the Lessons website. You can also check out guitar lessons at your local music shops. Before you choose a guitar teacher, remember to do these things:

  • Check prices from 3 different teachers and ask what they'll teach you.
  • Read what others said about them on Google and on the Lessons website.
  • Ask for a list of other people they've taught to see if they're good.
  • For kids, ask other moms and dads what their kids say about the teacher.
  • Get a plan on paper about when your lessons will be before you start.
  • Pay a little at first to see if you like the teacher before you pay for a whole month.

What questions do I ask when choosing a blues guitar teacher?

To find the best guitar teacher, you could ask these questions:

  • What type of music degree do you have?
  • How long have you been teaching blues guitar?
  • Can I have one lesson for free to see how I like it?
  • What are the ages of most of your students?
  • Which kind of blues guitar and equipment should I buy to practice with?
  • Will you give me some finger patterns to practice at home?
  • How much should I practice at home between lessons?
  • What books should I get, and do you know where I could find used ones?
  • How many different blues guitar techniques can you teach?
  • If I'm struggling with learning, can you change the way you teach me?
  • What should I bring to class, and how long is each lesson?
  • Can I have a copy of our class plan, agreement, and how much it costs?
  • If I have an urgent problem and need to cancel, what happens?
  • Can I choose some songs that I want to learn?

Reviews for Arvada blues guitar lessons

Recent success stories from people in the Arvada area.
Alex S.
John is incredibly knowledgeable about his instruments and is a walking encyclopedia of music theory. His proficiency with multiple instruments helps him communicate in a wide variety of different musical styles.
Music Lessons by John Baldwin
Mike W.
I had the honor of taking class with Clint through the community college system. This man has taught so many people the joy of music, he deserves a medal. Quite honestly, I would recommend Clint’s classes to anyone even considering starting guitar or taking a refresher. His style, his technique, his patience, are all things to be in awe of. Whether his sight reading, transcription, proper technique he is the man to teach you. And if you’re lucky you might get a healthy dose of feel good!
Clint Dadian - SkylarkJazz
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