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Average cost for Yoga Classes ranges from
$15 - $25 /hr

The average cost of single sessions at yoga studios across the country is $10 to $20. For private yoga training, you will likely spend between $30 and $70 on each lesson. The price of yoga lessons can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local yoga instructors or get free estimates from teachers near you.

How much do yoga lessons cost?

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Millions of people ask for cost estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from local teachers, then we share those prices with you.

Yoga is a combination of exercise, meditation, and spiritual connection, the spiritual side of it connecting to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, or Tantra—depending on the teacher.

The goal of taking yoga classes is to experience physical well-being and an overall oneness of mind, body, and spirit. Given that many people get physical injuries doing yoga poses too advanced for them, it is important to pick a teacher who has the experience and wisdom on hand to pace the learner properly.

On average, a group yoga class should cost $20 or less.

Yoga Classes

Group Classes

Yoga classes mostly take place in a group setting, and the price per class depends on the location, yoga teacher’s knowledge and experience, and years of teaching.

A standard yoga class lasts an hour.

Golden Light Yoga in Needham, MA, charges $17 for a drop-in group class; Lotus Blooming Yoga in Nashville, TN, charges $15/class; Clear Spring Studio in Austin, TX, asks for $20/class; and Yoga with Shannon in Austin, TX, costs $25/class.

Yoga Classes Price List

Yoga Class Length Average Cost
30 minutes $10
45 minutes $15
60 minutes $20


Most yoga lessons take place in studios, but some yoga instructors will travel to your home for private lessons for an additional charge, depending on time of day, location, and distance. It’s also possible to find instructors willing to come to a place of business for employee group classes.

Individual Lessons

Due to the individual abilities of the body, it makes sense to get one or two private classes to maximize the long-term effects of yoga. Some sample prices for a private session are: $50/hour with Ana Yoga in Dallas, TX, and $100/hour with Vati Yoga in New York, NY, who says, “Typically I like to have a thorough intake process with new clients reviewing goals, interests, and current mobility. Based off of the starting information, I will develop a series of lessons that are tailored to the client's specific information.”

Reputation and Accomplishments

Quite a number of yoga instructors came into the profession by way of searching for more to life, so they are able to bring their years of experience into their studio to benefit clients in many ways.

Others are so passionate about the effects of yoga that they have invested many hours into fine-tuning their offerings.

For example, Lotus Blooming Yoga (mentioned above) is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor with over 300 hours of training in specialized practices for anxiety, depression, and recovery. She is also a certified life coach and hold a master's in business.

Vati Yoga (also mentioned above) has received the following training: 200hr YTT/Dou Yoga, 18hr Trauma-Informed Yoga/Feet on the Ground, and 85hr Pre-Natal Yoga/BabyMoon Yoga.


Yoga is a mind and body exercise that produces the best results when practiced regularly. With that in mind, it makes sense, and is more cost-effective, to buy lessons in packages. For example, Let It Go Yoga in New York, NY, charges $75/hour for a private class, while its package deal ends up costing less than $70/hour if four lessons are purchased in advance for $320. CHYME Studio in Thornton, CO, has a package of ten private sessions for $750, which makes each session $75 instead of the regular charge of $85/session.

Other Offerings

While some yoga teachers prefer to only teach yoga, others offer classes in other physical and mental techniques that they believe enhance the yoga experience. Example of additional offerings are: Thai bodywork, community peace chants, reflexology, and even life coaching.

Standalone Specialties

Elske Meg Wellness in Brooklyn, NY, offers Aromatouch (the application of oils to affect overall well-being) at $75 per private session, with a free essential oil consultation of approx. an hour to customize the experience for each client. Yogali in Arlington, TX, specializes in helping heal clients with injuries; post-surgical pain; and areas of tightness, weakness, and pain. They have a lot of experience working with sports’ teams.

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