Librero's School & Dance Club

Librero's School & Dance Club

Emilio Librero

Tampa, FL


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There is no better way to add fun, romance, and excitement  to your life than with ballroom dancing.

It is a delightful hobby for couples to share and a fast, safe way for singles to meet potential friends and partners.

Do you want to dance - but don't know how to get started? ...We can help!  

We've been teaching at our own Dance School in Tampa, Florida and producing instructional dance videos since 1979. 

During all these years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing our students with the easiest and quickest way to learn to dance.

As a result we've fine-tuned a System of Teaching that is Progressive and Interrelated - patterns continue to build on the previous ones and most of them can be transferred from one dance to another. 


Ballroom Dance


Tampa, FL 33606

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