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Me especializó en tutorías en español. Mi objetivo es mantener a los estudiantes motivados por aprender un nuevo idioma y enseñarles cómo hablar con el acento nativo. Se practicará la escritura, pero también el habla, y estoy más que feliz de abordar cualquier objetivo en particular. Cada edad tiene una metodología y cada niño, adolescente o mayor tiene un aprendizaje diferente. Lo más importante es buscar la forma en la cual se aprende. Tal como visual, táctil o memoria entre otras.

¡Tengo experiencia previa en tutoría con niños y adolescences.

Me encanta enseñar, me encanta transmitir, me gusta compartir mis conocimientos. Adoro mi lengua nativa y me apasiona explicar las reglas de la gramática de una manera diferente ya que algunas personas les parecen complicadas. Estoy convencida de que debes enseñar español o cualquier idioma con algo que te apasione, esta es la mejor manera de aprender. Porque cuando un estudiante se lo pasa bien, aprende mucho más.


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Current reading level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Current speaking level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Writing level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Reading and writing goals

Basic reading and writing skills, Full professional literacy, Native / bilingual literacy

Speaking goals

Conversational proficiency, Full professional fluency, Native / bilingual fluency

Student's age

Under 5 years old, 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

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A Bachelor of Science

Montessori  educator Training

Health and safety educator.

I have been teaching for many years like voluntered in the school of my childrens.  !I love do that and I have an training in Montessori program degree in Spanish. Foreign language instruction fits the overall aims of Montessori pedagogy. Its study is but one way to humanize another culture. In grades 1-3, the aim is to expose children to the sounds of Spanish in an effort to give them a degree of comfort listening to it, repeating and speaking it in simple words and sentences. In grades 4-6, we aim to build a vocabulary and grammar base so that students can begin to manipulate and use the language. In addition, students begin to read and write Spanish, both in class and at home, and become better prepared for foreign language study in Middle School. 

Children’s House students 

There is a tendency in the teaching of languages ​​that stands out today over the rest: CLIL, Integrated Learning of Content and Foreign Language, which involves the teaching of other subjects of the curriculum in English, or another foreign language, leading to implementation of bilingual education in many centers.

But those are not the only methodological possibilities that teachers have at our disposal today for the language classroom, and for other subjects, such as the Dogma approach, critical thinking, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Visual Thought, Neuroeducation, Gamification or Flipped Learning, are just some of the latest trends that we can implement in our classrooms to improve and enrich the learning of our students.

In any case, we must not forget the need for the integration of new technologies and the Internet, which provide additional motivation for students and a great opportunity for the autonomous practice of the language. In this sense, mlearning stands out for its connection and direct relationship with the reality of young people.

In summary, search methods and motivators will be sought today to arouse interest in students. In the same way, the authoritarian figure of the teacher is left aside to give prominence to the student in the construction of his own knowledge. Currently, the methodologies involved in the cooperation and interaction of students, favoring the development of competencies essential for adult life and giving a personalized education that takes into account the skills and abilities of each of the components of the group-class, forming students that are difficult to build their own knowledge and learning in an autonomous and critical way.

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