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David Whitaker



In a relaxed 's enviornment indoors. Beat the heat.If you already play I'm going to assess your swing . The good..bad..and sometimes...ugly parts of a club traveling on plane. Everyone is different..and there are so many ways to arrive. I can only teach from the anatomical position into an address position. All of the biomechanics and kinesiology make sense to me and is proven scientifically..therefore I teach about rotation ( torque ) Plane.. Balance.. and really most importantly. GRIP. At least somewhere near anatomical. You leave having a very good idea of how power is created without the arms playing much of a role. Supination.. Radial Deviation occur naturally during rotation of the shoulders ( torso) and hips to a degree. The more the merrier for power. Torque= Power.

For the beginner...I am a firm believer in basic fundamentals ie;.Grip..Stance..Posture

We'll discuss all three throughout the lesson.

I enjoy explaining the golf swing from the anatomical position. It's a pleasure teaching and explaining "why"? Kinesiology/ Biomechanics .

A great foundation. Grip/Stance/Posture


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The absolute essential.Grip..with an explanation of "Why" we grip the club this way.



I will explain rrotation..plane..torque.lag..and how the lower body works in the golf swing.

Sports Management B.S./  Emphasis .Biomechanics  Kinesiology/ Anatomy Physiology

USGTF  United States Golf Teachers Federation

Division II  Mens Head Golf Coach  90-97 

Playing for 49yrs./.Teaching for 31yrs

30.00 1/2 hr./  50.00 hr

Both tend to run a little over.30/60 respectfully.

I really started teaching others at about age 15. I carried ,a,scratch handicap at 16. Have always,had a passion for helping others..especially the golf swing..I've spent years trying to figure a way to explain the golf swing as simple as possible.

From beginners to advanced.' Kids to Elderly.

Everyday is different. Multicultural. 

I recently had a young boy with whom I did not understand due to a language barrier...go from never putting a club in his hands ..to hitting balls within 10 minutes. I never spoke a word to him. Kinesthetic. I put him in the position  He learned very quickly. Tbat was fun..

Just someone that helps you. Someone you understand. It's a difficult sport. More teaching than talking.

I've always preferred to have the instructor show me what they're talking about. 

Just have realistic expectations.The more you put into this sport ..if practicing proper mechanics..the better you become.

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