Gunnahs Automatic Golf Swing

Gunnahs Automatic Golf Swing



I can adapt to each student's needs! Consistency is what we all strive for. With my techniques and focusing on the all important mental game. I'm good at what I do because I make it fun so you play for years to come! Bad shots happen, it's what you do after the bad shot that allows you to hit a confident 2nd shot. My automatic golf swing is something you will always have in your bag. You will evolve you own swing but as soon as you start hitting it sideways you have the answer to get you back to hitting the fairway!

I love the smiles and the look of amazement my students display after striking it pure and it went where they wanted!


3 employees
14 years in business
Serves Tewksbury , MA


Experience level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

How often

Once a week, Multiple times a week, I can make recommendations, Other

Student age

5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old


Introduction to golf, General improvement, Driving skills, Iron play, Putting skills

Owns golf clubs

Students who own golf clubs, Students who plan to purchase clubs based on professional's advice

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Frequently asked questions

Simple is best! I change their grip and tell them to hit it as hard as they can while maintaining balance. From that I have all I need. 
there is so much more to golf and the mental game is a big part of the package. Putting is all about feel. I am a very good putter and I simply explain how to read the green. Everything I teach is simple and non robotic. Said in a way that you will always remember it! 

I am a high school English teacher and former hockey player/coach. These two elements are the foundation of my instruction. I can speak to anyone in a very receptive way , this special skill has allowed me to motivatie all my former students and all are playing regularly competitively and recreationaly 

I do it because I love it! I have charged $50 per hour and got a fifty dollar tip. I'm very flexible and my pricing is the best deal you will find! Money back guarantee, no questions asked! 

By bringing friends along with me and teaching them my swing secret. I would ask players I was playing with if I could make a suggestion and enjoyed it so much one of my friends said you've taught so many people. You should make it a post career business! I liked the idea but with 3 kids a wife that worked I couldn't do at that time. Now that I am retired I find no better way to spend the day at the course! 

Most of them had some athletic abilities prior to coming to me. I have taught women and children and my approach is the same no matter what their background! Golf is fun it's not to be feared. 

The PGA event played in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago. I am fourtunate to get a corporate pass and have the run of the place. As a result I am friendly with some of the top Caddy's on tour. I have learned so much from them. That's why I say golf is fun even when the putts don't drop. My love of the game is obvious ! 

Find someone that you can talk to easily. Patience is the key, one tip is not going to cure you. It's a process, the good thing about it is it is repeatable. Routine is very big part of my instruction. 

Their goals! We can reach them! 

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Golf Club Fitting