Coach Freeman Golf And Baseball Skills

Coach Freeman Golf And Baseball Skills


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Baseball-I played HS baseball. Coached kids from ages 8-17 for several years. Hitting and pitching coach for travel team at AAA level within NC and SC. Extensive reading and studying. Watching a player improve on even the smallest of details is motivation for me. I teach fundamentals of hitting with the focus on balance, rotational dynamics and maximizing power. Additionally I instill confidence at EVERY opportunity and believe that confidence building is the most important key to any skill. Each hitter is very different and learns things at their pace. Furthermore I teach pitch counts and their meanings as in when a hitter is in a count that is favorable to them and what they MAY expect. No player should ever leave a practice disappointed in the efforts. Pitching-Again, like hitters, all pitchers are different. I want a player to stay balanced and learn to use their entire body to deliver a throw. I look at their initial balance points and restrictions, push/lean, loading, landing points, releases, follow through and strengths. Most importantly I want to teach a pitcher what their role is as a group of pitchers. This involves a group/platoon mentality to achieve or maximize a teams success. I believe in pitch counts!! Every movement of an arm counts. Pitch counts are important in total but also at every moment on defense. Each innings pitch count is strategically important and insuring a player knows where they are at is important and safe. GOLF-New sport. While Im getting older and baseball is still my favorite Ive devoted the last 5 years to learning the golf swing and various golf skills to the point I believe I could teach these skills to some players. Being and experienced hitting coach I think I can achieve similar results with new golfers. The most important thing Ive learned is not to sacrifice a players self esteem EVER. Every player is as good as they are at that moment. Ive found that intelligent positive reinforcement works better than anything. Teaching a skill means imparting some knowledge to someone where they become more confident not just in the skill that they learned but confident that they can and will learn.

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