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35 years of experience, professional international placement.


1 employee
12 years in business
Serves New York , NY


How often

Once a week, Multiple times a week, Recommendations available

Student age(s)

Under 5 years old, 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Number of students

One person, Two people, A group of 3 – 5 people, A group of 6 – 10+ people

Dance style


Goals and interests

Developing a hobby, Preparing for a wedding, Preparing for an event or performance, Working out and physical health

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    Jackie C.

    Anastasia is the BEST ballet teacher I ever had! I met her in NYC almost 5 years ago and I knew very little about ballet at that time. Anastasia has a very unique yet effective and systematic approach to teach ballet. I really appreciate how hard she pushed the students and I felt I have grown and improved everyday in the past couple of years. The virtual class is just as good and help me quite frankly being about to do more ballet since I moved to Boston. I highly recommend Anastasia for ones who is looking for learn real technique. Her perseverance will keep you happy and motivated for each class!
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    November 16, 2020


    Nadia P.

    Anastasias class is a serious ballet workout. She pays individual attention to each student and enables them to do their best. I highly recommend her class to anyone who is looking to make progress quickly in ballet strength, body allignment and ballet steps.
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    November 15, 2020



    Anastasia is the utmostly dedicated teacher to her students. You get the best and correct training and techniques in her lessons. She genuinely cares about her students and their growth. Teachers like her whos an exquisite dancer, thorough, and caring are rare finds! In addition to the knowledge and techniques of ballet, she also brings out passion in her students. I have witnessed some of my classmates getting more serious about ballet over the years. One gains so much out of her classes, in addition to her top-notch training.
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    November 15, 2020


    Marni G.

    Anastasia takes the time with every single student to help them improve and learn. Her classes are not easy but really fun!
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    November 14, 2020



    Anastasia is very professional and patient teacher!
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    November 14, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Depending on a level of a student, I create a routine to help them build muscles that are important for dancing. That's in private class. In group class we have a routine that we do all the time, so any student can join and in about three lesson will be able to follow and fit in the group. In the beginning I suggest to all students to take a couple of private lessons and then slowly integrate into group class.

    I have a Master degree for teaching ballet and repertoire from from Moscow academy of ballet. And PhD from Moscow university of Culture and arts. My thesis were on "Ballet as extra curricular activity and as a hobby for kids and adults "

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