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The 555 Golf Academy

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Certified International Master Teaching Professional Karl Fischer is a retired heavy category airline captain, 'Professional Flight Engineer' ('PFe'), 'Airline Transport Pilot' ('ATR') with years of experience as a very specialized ground instructor ('CGI-A'), flight instructor ('CFI-CFII-MEI') and a specialized 'CSIP' with RCH, SES-MES and twenty-three additional 'Flight Certificates'. His accomplishments include both commercial floatplane and helicopter among many other ratings. He is passionate about flying and is fortunate in having the opportunity to teach others how to do so ... two baseline characteristics that daily carry over to 'His Other Passion', teaching the 'Great Game Of Golf' to so many good people. Fischer, a Canadian American, has now spent some thirty-five plus years teaching golf nationally and internationally earning the title of 'IGAD - Doctorate', 'CIMTP - Certified International Master Teaching Professional', 'CMCB - Certified Master Club-Builder' and 'CGC - Certified Golf Clinician'. Working in conjunction with the University of British Columbia, Kwantlen and Douglas Colleges as well as the IRGO Golf Academy, Dr. Fischer has been very active in the operation of wholesale and retail golf operations in both Canada and the United States. It is estimated that the number of 'Junior Lessons' during Karl's career, years ago, totaled in excess of 30,000. Every year Dr. Fischer organized golf clinics for bright-eyed youngsters helping them to better understand the 'Golf Swing' and thus have more 'FUN'. Seventy to eighty students per day, four days a week for ten to twelve weeks every summer adds up. His personal clients number well in excess of 10,000 students, a third of whom are still on his mailing list and contact him regularly for advice! He says emphatically, "A good golf lesson is simple and always helps as long as the student and teacher are on the same page and doing smart work. 'Fitness' is a primary factor as well! My students are living testimony! The '555 TEAM' has an unusual and sincere 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' policy. What we do every day truly works wonders!" Dr. Fischer, who formerly worked with top 100 teaching professionals such as, Jim McLean and Scott Sackett goes on to say, "The 555 Team's unique 'Airline Method' of 'Brief-Teach-De-Brief' separates us from our competitors. We never move on until we specifically detail personal improvements and understand how and why they occurred. The 'De-Briefing' is summarized 'In Writing'. If we cannot get the core information through the student's eyes and ears, it will never come out of the clubhead. 'High Speed Video Capture' is a big asset. This is where the '555 Value' really shines!" Karl tells us that "Golf is a 'Life-Long Leisure Skill' that warrants our dedication! It is a wonderful endless 'Journey'. It is never too late to start improving and having more 'FUN'. Don't miss one more moment!"

We are very good at helping people better enjoy 'The Great Game Of Golf'. Accomplishing that is a real thrill and pleasure. Amazingly we have clients who have been with 'The 555 Team' for twenty years and more. Why is that? Our proven '555 System' really works permanently and affordably! Satisfaction Guaranteed'!


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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old


Introduction to golf, General improvement, Driving skills, Iron play, Putting skills

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Students who own golf clubs, Students who plan to purchase clubs based on professional's advice

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    Luke M.

    Dr. K puts things into perspective from the get go. No matter how long it takes, he helps you wrap the mind about your golf swing by making sure you understand the mechanics and the why in his instruction. I have golfed for over 8 years, learning most of my game from the dirt, but since seeing Dr. K I have never played such good golf this effortlessly. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take their game to the next level!
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    June 08, 2020


    Jeff K.

    As a beginner, 555 taught me a framework for the complete game. Using the putting stroke as the base for all the clubs/strokes is a powerful methodology to get in the game !
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    June 06, 2020
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    Phil M.

    I have played golf for 40 years and have NEVER taken a lesson, so I had no idea what to expect when I met Dr. Karl. During the 1st lesson I realized what an incredible teacher and mentor Karl Fischer is and will continue to be. He is exacting in his standards and precise in his languague and approach. Turns out that is what I needed. I am extremely satisfied and excited to begin playing the game with a repeatable, proven methodolgy which is so logical...and it works. Im making putts WITH INTENT!!! Not just hitting the ball. I am so impressed with his passion of not just the game, but of communicating his knowledge to others. He is generous with both his knowledge and time. So unusual for such a storied golf coach. Thank you Dr. Karl and looking forward to a great relationship, lower scores and more enjoyment when I have a club in my hand. Over the decades Ive listened to others describe their experience while taking lessons - more like a bitch session; frankly that is why Ive never taken lessons. How lucky and grateful am I to have come across 555 Golf Acadamy and even more grateful that Dr. Karl was available in the line up to teach me. I know where and why my game is going and it is all good. If you are thinking about it, 555Golf Acadamy is the way to go.
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    January 16, 2020


    Craig B.

    Karl always takes his tome for review after our lessons. He keeps everything simple while be very thorough!
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    January 13, 2020


    Byron T.

    Karl Fischer is the consummate golf professional with a sincere interest in improving YOUR golf game. He spends the time with you that it takes to accomplish the task at hand and doesnt limit himself to the 30-60 minute lesson time frame to accomplish that task. He summarizes the salient lesson points both verbally and in written form after the lesson for your future reference. He is a great teacher who is truly committed to making you a better player and the game more enjoyable to play.
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    December 24, 2019


    Michael T.

    Great experience working with Karl. He made a complex game simple. Hes truly a teacher of the game. Starts with the basics, and gets your fundamentals strong to give you that added confidence when youre playing. He took me from a double digit handicap to a single digit, in just 4 sessions. Thanks Karl.
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    December 24, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    'The 555 Team' is 'Client Centric' ... so we adjust our methods to primarily suit the student and not some text book model. Even if the accepted techniques are called for, we may not use them. They may be wrong for 'YOU'. 

    Our team has numerous degrees (ranging from USGA, PGA, USGTF, BA, to BSc., to PFe, to Ph.D to GSEM, to Certified Master Club Builders and many more. These, coupled with decades of hands on experence, are highly beneficial to our client range. 'YOU' are the winner! 

    We have a full range of pricing structure which includes 'Private Single' to 'Private Small Group', to our very popular and highly affordable '4 Lesson Series', to Clinics, to Golf Schools and more. We have various levels of instruction which provides affordable instruciton for any and all students. We will make 'IT' work for 'YOU'.

    If you are a person who really wants and needs help, and can't afford it, we will find a way to help you accomplish your goals.

    My start was a disaster! Dr. Karl Fischer, came to the 'Golf Scene' without any instruction. I quit after a very short time. I was 14 and done with 'Golf'. My father was not at all pleased. About 19, in PFe school, I had a little time to dabble with my 'Putter'. She taught me the real ground floor basics. I was bitten and sought out the absolute best teachers I could get to. That was key to my decades of experience and performance.

    Now YOU can avoid the 'Going it Alone Syndrome'. 

    Give 'The 555 Team' a call without delay.

    Over a 50 year span ... every variety you can possibly imagine ... from raw 'Beginners' to 'Blind' and 'Limb Amputees' to 'Tour Professionals'! They all taught ME generously and well!

    Our high school student golfers making the 'Varsity Team' all across our region.

    Every student who tastes success makes your '555 TEam' smile!  

    Do a lot of 'Due Care & Diligence'. Ask around. Demand to see the instructors successsful clients personally. How students feel combined with how they actually perform is the 'Keystone' upon which your decisions must be made.

    Get references and read testimonials! Make sure your prospective instructor talks more about you than about him or herself. The lessons are about 'YOU'!

    Meet the instructor personally and ask very personal questions! Make him or her pass 'YOUR' test!

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