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Golf With Leroy

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14 years as a playing professional and still currently playing, taught by and trained by some of the best in world in both in the golf swing and golf fitness.

I teach from a playing point of view. Which means you will not need to spend hours on the range training to work on some method in order to play a good round of golf.

Golf has been a vehicle for everything I do off the course. It has taught me how to deal in business as well as social situation. It has help me turn business associates in to friends. Golf is by far the best sport to mimick life, and it' opportunities.


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Alex M.

I have taken lessons from 7 othe PGA professional instructors. If you want to get some real results or just havent had luck on your own, call Leroy, he fixed my swing flaw in one lesson. I had battled it for 2 years and had spent nearly $1000 on lessons with others and gotten nowhere.
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December 06, 2017

Whitney R.

Leroy was an awesome instructor. He was completely in tune with my swing from the get go. After 20 min of hitting balls and his direction, I was hitting more pure, straighter and longer shots. Getting in a correct position and having everything move in sync is an amazing feeling. Thanks again Leroy.
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November 27, 2017

Frequently asked questions

1) Discuss their goals and expectations

2) Evaluate their current ability

3) Discuss a plan to achieve their Goals and Expectations

4) Go to Work!

15 years of competitive playing experience.

30+ years playing the game

coached by some of the best instructors in the world

$70 a hour

$100 for 2 hours

I started teaching to fill the time during the off season. It keeps me engaged and help my need to help grow the game.

I have worked with junior high all the way up to collegiate players.

There is no single method to learning the game of golf. Everybody moves differently so dont let a instructor sell you on a single method.

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