SIMPLEGOLF : A golf learning method that eliminates the arduously difficult Bio-Mechanical systems typically taught via golf's traditional methods.

An instructor for 30+ years understanding the Physics of the game. My education is in Engineering and Physics.


Hired 10 times
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31 years in business
Serves Mont Belvieu , TX

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    Masha R.

    SimpleGolf is great to work with! Hes fun, knowledgeable, and patient with new golfers. Whether you have one lesson or are an ongoing student with him, youre sure to develop your golf game!
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    April 20, 2023
    Hired on Lessons

    Matthew O.

    The patients he has with new golfers.
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    October 26, 2022
    Hired on Lessons

    Jimmy L.

    Very knowledgeable. Great instructor. He really helps simplify golf.
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    December 29, 2021
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    Robert V.

    He was on time, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, patient. I really enjoyed the time he taught me. I highly recommend working with James!
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    October 04, 2021
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    Matthew M.

    James has a simple approach to teaching golf and does an excellent job of conveying it to the student.
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    November 18, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    The first objective is learn what level of the game they currently perform. 

    My education is in Engineering and Physics and this background helps shorten the learning curve in learning golf.

    My beginnings of teaching was by popular demand. 

    For my personal start in the game, I was almost 40 yo.  Within 1 year I was routinely carding scores in the 70's.  People took notice of that and began asking  for help.  I created my teaching method and was seeing great improvement for those who came.

    I became associated with the PGA and the USGTA by passing their Player Ability Tests, the threshold for becoming a Professional.  USGA rules extends the rank of Professional to individuals who have received compensation via, competition,  golf clinics, demonstrations or instruction.  

    My experience has had me working with folks from 5 yo to 75 yo..  Numerous youth clinics and outings. 

    My students have ranged from Beginners to seasoned players.

    Once I was invited to teach golf classes at a nearby university.   However it would have been disruptive to my Engineering career at that time. 

    About 2 weeks ago at our local club, one of the Maintenance employees, whom I had not met, saw me loading my cart.  He was new and had only attempted to swing a club for a few times.  He stated that he was yet to make contact with the ball.  He ask if I would help him.  I said , "sure, grab about a dozen balls".  We stepped to the edge of the range and threw down the balls. He made 3 attempts swinging the  club furiously. Zero contact! I called him aside and instructed him to watch me hit 3 shots. To pay particular attention to a single aspect of my method. He then duplicated my swing 3 times, hitting all 3 solid and straight!  Lesson over !

    Find an instructor that teaches "How to use the club", not Biomechanical confusion!

    What is my current level of play, and what level do I realistically want to achieve?

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