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Spanish Lessons

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I realized how much I love my job when I heard my friends complaining when it was time to go to work. For me instead, it was the moment when I could shine and make my own students shine too!!

Ever since I had that realization, teaching a language has felt even more rewarding!

I am originally from Spain and I started to learn English when I was 8 years old. I have had a ton of experiences. At school and at school of languages, I had many different teachers with different methodologies. As an adult, I have lived in different English speaking countries with a big variety of accents. Has it been hard? Yes. Has it been worth it? YES! Learning a language in different ways and the struggle of it means that your brain is active and hungry for more!

I have prepared students for technical tests and I have taught because they JUST wanted to learn, and I love that!

Whatever your situation is, I will make sure the experience is enjoyable and productive!


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    Sergio C.

    Aprendí mucho con Lidia porque no solamente toma tiempo para enseñarte,
    también se preocupa por ti como persona y facilita que hablar una nueva lengua sea más cómodo y entretenido.
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    November 22, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I have a first session to talk about their needs, their goals and how we both like to work. We discuss times, flexibility, etc. 

    After the first session, work gets started. Depending on their needs, I start with typically 2 disciplines: speaking and listening. From there, I move to writing and reading in the following sessions. 

    Then, we keep varying according to their needs. 

    I studied English, French and Italian in college. I have a masters in teaching ESL and a masters in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. 

    Currently, I work with students that are  bilingual (Spanish and English) and I help them acquire academic vocabulary in both languages. 

    Prices vary depending on the number of hours per week. 

    Normally I charge $50 per hour. However, if the student takes 2 hours or more per week, the rates are lower. 

    The ideal is to do 2 hours per week, which is $70.

    Once I finished college, a friend in England asked me if I would like to work teaching Spanish at a school in Horsham, UK and I accepted! 

    Previously, I tutored a lot of students during my college years. 

    I have worked with little kids whose parents wanted them to learn a new language just with games, I have worked with teenagers who needed support at school, I have worked with adults that needed to get certified and with adults whose main goal was to be fluent at work so that they could have more promoting chances. 

    And of course, my main job is to teach at schools. That implies a big variety of students. Private and public schools, different countries (Spain, UK and USA) and ages that go from 7 to 18. 

    I recently finished my 5th  half marathon! 

    It was a hard one because I was not able to train as much. However, I did a very good time and I felt very proud! 

    A language takes time. A very important thing to consider is that what really matters is communication. 

    There will be moments when the grammar is not perfect, when we do not understand the other person all the time or when we feel overwhelmed because a second language can be difficult. 

    However, I guarantee that practicing constantly and challenging yourself will make you so much better. 

    When I talk to students that I taught 3 years ago I am impressed by how much they have achieved! They felt embarrassed because they could not have a conversation for a long time and now they do not stop taking!! :) 

    Learning a second language is amazing because it opens the doors to a new culture, a new way of understanding people's traditions and lifestyles. 

    How much effort do I really want to put into this?

    Why am I doing it? 

    What do I expect from my lessons?

    How will I see if I make progress?

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