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Hello guys!I am someone who loves learning and teaching languages. I can speak, read and write Japanese, French, Haitian-Creole, Spanish and English. You might wonder how it is possible that I can speak, read and write these languages. Well just to give you a quick glimpse of my biography, I grew up in Montreal, Quebec; hence that is how I learned to speak French. As for Spanish, I studied it in school as a second language, and learned it fairly quickly because of my French speaking background. I learned Japanese at a language school while living in Japan for 14 years. Out of the languages that I can speak, I enjoy Japanese a lot for it took me 14 years to get to a level where I can read difficult materials in Japanese. If you are learning Japanese, I am sure that you can understand my feeling. It is a very difficult language, and even more challenging without the right resources to fit your learning needs. Are you a beginner student looking for help with Japanese, French, Spanish or English? If you are having trouble in school with one of these languages, please try my lessons. I am positive that you will learn a lot from me, particularly if your mother tongue is one of the languages that I can speak. The reason I think knowing your native language will help you learn a lot from me is because over the years of teaching I have found that students, who learn from someone who can speak their native tongue, learn very quickly. As for teaching certificates, I would love to convince you of my teaching skills and knowledge of the languages that I speak, with lots of certifications; but that is not true about me. Though, I am not decorated with language proficiency certifications, what I can tell you is that my language teaching approach is just as effective and nurturing as a mother teaching a young child to speak her native language. If you are having trouble passing Japanese, French, Spanish or your English class, I recommend you try my lesson. I am looking forward to seeing you in my class very soon.

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