"T" Time Golf Instruction

"T" Time Golf Instruction

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I'm an avid amateur myself and greatly enjoy teaching the game. I've helped a countless amount of players drastically improve in a short amount of time. Great Teacher for experienced amateur or beginner golfers!

My style of teaching for less experienced players revolves around simplifying the game. Often individuals who give golf lessons make the game very complicated! I break the game down into easy to understand terms, and easy to remember tips, to help prepare you for the times when your Instructor isn't around!

I have been playing golf for roughly 13 years, since I was in my early teens. I was a 4 year member of my highschool golf team, 3 year varsity player. I was 1 of the top 5 players on the team that qualified for the State Finals competition my senior year of highschool. Have been a consistent player ever since!

If I could live on the golf course and play all day, I would! Watching players improve their games in live action is a very rewarding feeling, especially because golf is a highly difficult sport!

The reaction I see when players hit their best shots is rewarding enough in its own. I'm happy to help the avid golfer shave a few strokes off their handicap, help a youngster get their game going, or the average person prepping for a company/family outting to show your best side!


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    Tyler H.

    Great teacher and workable schedule
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    November 11, 2020
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    William Tyrone A.

    Very flexible and tailors lessons based on my inputs and needs
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    October 28, 2020
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    Amanda L.

    Alex listens and really simplifies the game of golf. He hones in on your strengths and weaknesses in order to really cater the lesson to you and what you are looking to gain. He also does not try to suggest more than he feels is necessary, and is completely fair in cost!
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    October 21, 2020
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    Scott J.

    He’s great. Very clear, detailed, flexible with scheduling, and fun
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    September 13, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    -Establish short & long term goals to complete throughout our sessions.

    -Determine what areas of their game they would like to focus on improving the most.

    -Decide on how many sessions the individual would like to schedule. This helps me paln accordingly to imrpove as many parts of the players game as possible during our time alloted!

    -Observe an initial session so I can view the players current skill level and catch bad habits to correct right away!

    Extensive knowledge of the golf swing mechanics. I used to routinely spend all day on the golf course. Wasn't uncommon to walk 36 holes in day. 

    I've thoroughly studied the game for many years and can catch flawed mechanics quickly!

    *All Prices Pending Travel Requirements*

    (Individually Purchased Sessions)

    >Introductory Lesson (Trial): 1 Hour Session: $50

    >30 Minute Session: $35

    >1 Hour Session: $70

    >1.5 Hour session: $85

    >9 Hole Round Session: $70 (Discluding Greens Fees)

    >18 Hole Round Session: $165 (Discluding Greens Fees)


    (Multiple Session Package Options)

    *Willing to Discuss Variable Size Packages for Discounts*

    >6 X 30 Minute Sessions: $210

    >6 X 1 Hour Sessions: $350

    >10 X 30 Minute Sessions: $450

    >10 X 1 Hour Sessions: $550

    *Happy to Discuss Group/Couples Sessions as well so you can Learn the Game Together!*

    Almost accidentally! Throughout the years I routinely gave tips to people I played with. It then turned to a common occurence that when someone was struggling with their game during a round that they would ask for my thoughts. From there it snowballed into people asking to golf with me to fix their swing! Quickly finding that I really enjoy teaching players, I wanted to expand my reach in hopes of helping out more players improve their game!

    I've worked with everyone from 1st time golfers to people who are avid golfers but just haven't been able to get their game to a consistent level/score.

    I've helped players ranging in ages from 5-70+ years old. No age is discouraged, I'll help anyone learn the game or improve!

    -Know their teaching style! Every individual who teaches golf has their own style. If you select a teacher with a set structure as to how they teach the game to all players, it may be difficult to get what you're hoping for out of your sessions! I develop a custom training/teaching plan for each of my clients to meet individual goals.

    -Know the Instructors skill level. Not all teachers of a sport need to be a pro. Often times, it can be beneficial to work with an avid amateur to help break the game down into simple terms and tips. Not to say professional can't be excellent teachers! I've just personally experienced, and heard from others, that utilizing an avid amateur for a teacher can really help!

    -Know if they only specialize in a particular part of the game! Sometimes a golf instructor will only help you on the driving range, which is of course the most fun part! But you really make up strokes on your short game & putting. I cater my training program to each individual's biggest weakness and improve all aspect of your game so you can shoot a better overall score on the course!

    - Know what you want out of your lessons. (Goals)

    -Be realistic as to the amount of sessions necessary to compete your goals. Golf is a muscle memory sport! It take time to hone your skills and become a consistent player.

    -Why am I taking these lessons.

    >Are you seeking to be player who plays often and is focused on lowering your handicap?

    >Are you trying to show off quick improvement to your friends during next weeks league play?

    >Do you have an upcoming golf outing and want to have your game at least at a respectable level? (Hoping to get invited back next year!).

    >Is golf a game you've always wanted to conquer for in the event you get invited to go with your friends?

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